Thursday, October 22, 2015

Memo From The Dean


Please see Update at the bottom of the post


Maybe I'm wrong, but...

Is it possible that the Dean just might be suggesting that there is something underhanded and/or nefarious about an officer of the people releasing the people's business in such a fashion that it will actually be discussed by the peoples'  representatives in a timely manner?

Or is he trying to tell us a slightly different thing?

Honestly, I can't tell if there is a 'Fog of Snark' here or not.

What's it all about Alfie?....Well....This.
Update Friday Oct 23rd...The Dean has written a much longer 2nd 'official' (i.e. VSun column memo) in which he makes it clear he was telling us a slightly different thing...It's discussed (and linked to)....Here.



Anonymous said...

Quick someone announce a cut in beer price oh wait,already used that,announce a ferry price cut.?
Hey its first on talk radio news at 430 pm today?

Anonymous said...


Palmer comes across as flippant and purposely obscure, which is not an appropriate tone given the unknown horrors the missing women must have endured on lonely roads, where taking a ride from a stranger is the usually the only option you have if you have no other means of transportation.

I hitchhiked during my foolish youth, and my last adventure "thumbing", was with a girlfriend, we were on a the highway to Whistler, when the two men who picked us started speaking German and looking back and forth at each other and then at us. We forcefully asked them to let us out there on the highway and they did. Who knows where that could have gone?

Vaughn is capable of projecting a tone more suited to the nightmarish ends these unfortunate women came to. I could have been of them. Shameful really Mr. Palmer.

Anonymous said...

I think he is just used to dealing with important reports/releases that are issued on the friday afternoon of a long weekend, or perhaps on the eve of the federal election, as was done recently. When the BC Liberals use that schedule he has less workload because he has either gone home or has already prepared his other work as per deadlines. Evidently, he finds the release of a important report during normal business hours on a Thursday to be very unusual and perhaps problematic.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how 'missing' information is affecting the Bob Plecas investigation at MCFD?

Is that part of the reason he asked for more time?

Beth said...

Now if only one of these characters would build a sundeck!!! then we could get some real investigative reporting done... right?

RossK said...



If that were to happen, members of the 'Club' might even go crazy and set up their very own clubhouse....errrrrr...'war room'.


Anonymous said...

Loukidelis, Stone, Plecas, Both Virks, Basi,Gretes,Stephie, man it's getting hard to keep all the scandals straight. But I think they are all part of the same taint that is the B.C. lieberal crime team. Where is the Von Dongen investigation? Then they cancel a hearing because they say "not enough interest".I'll be calling my local lieberal to demand one.

Anonymous said...

Is it ,in BC,war against opposition war against public war against enviornment every day is election day whatever it takes to win
delete delete delete?

Bill said...

Hi Ross

Yikes, sure looks like the Good Ship Lib is taking on a lot of water again these rounds of Question Period. Too late to bail the SS Christy -maybe she should just start funding her pirates bail monies.

Reading Beer's DCFP has inspired me to attempt a.... poem (all expletives deleted).

Deflect, deflect, deflect
Delete, delete, delete

Delay, deny...
uh... ya, right
Delete, delete, delete
Carry on,
Keep deleting.

With apologies to Beer and all.