Sunday, October 04, 2015

#Elxn42: Stealth-Con Rising In Burnaby North...

....Four Strikes And He's (Still Hidden) In 
(Mr. Harper's Candidate Closet)!

Mark Little is the CPC candidate in Burnaby North Seymour.


Why the qualifier?

Because, according to a CBC radio report this morning (National News @ 8:00am PDT), the good Mr. Little has been a no show at four all-candidates' debates.

The MoCo gave the alleged candidate an entire week to explain himself.

In fact they went so far as to offer to interview him anytime and/or anyplace.

Mr. Little did not respond to their repeated requests.

If that does not demonstrate a clear contempt for his constituency I do not know what does.


Here's the best guess of the current state-of-play in Burnaby North - Seymour, thanks to riding-specific polling commissioned by the Dogwood Initiative:

Please note the Stealth-Con line rising between May and September, which is outside the M.O.E.


If you are a member of the Seventy (plus) Percent in Burnaby North who would like to see this contempt of democracy end, do not...I repeat...DO NOT split the vote and help elect the Stealth-Con.

In other words, if you are undecided (grey) or you are 'leaning' Liberal or Green, do the right thing and vote Orange instead.


And, make no mistake, that undecided number in this riding is very, very scary indeed...Because, all the contemptuous leader of the Stealth-Cons needs is 8% to get to that magic 33% that makes his gollems golden...Now do you see the reason they are running a campaign of hate and misdirection...It's the Rovian Rules folks, writ large.
Image at the top of the post is from the flickr page of the NatO's Mychalo Prystupa...It was taken BEFORE the election began...How else are you going to find a picture of Stealth-Con actually out among actual people in his or her riding...



Hugh said...

Not in his riding but would like to ask Mr. Little about the TPP and ISDS, which allows foreign corporations to sue Canada over our laws they don't like. Like Eli Lilly suing Canada for $500 million under ISDS in NAFTA.

The TPP deal, something about having to eat dead rats, oh great:

RossK said...


It seems to me that all 308 CPC candidates should be able to explain their party's stance on this initiative to their potential constituents.


Anonymous said...

theres a reporter.Run.?

West End Bob said...

For the life of me I can not fathom why people would vote for a candidate that won't even show up to debate the issues.

Un-'f'n'-believable . . . .

Eleanor Gregory said...

Why do so many of the male Conservative candidates seem to look the same?

RossK said...


Worse than that...Unvetted citizen who might ask a real question or even stop smiling and pom-pom waving vacantly for a millisecond....Get on your bad motor scooter and run!



More importantly, why does the proMedia not care. The only person I've seen make a real fuss about this locally is Jennifer Moreau.

If I've missed someone (and/or some herd) please let me know, I wouldn't want to impugn the fine work of anyone 'round here.




Perhaps we need to use some veil-free facial recognition software to make sure we know which Stealth-Con is which....


Just thought of something....Logical extension to anti-constitutional racist edict...Shouldn't all males with beards be forced to shave prior to citizenship swearing-ins?



paul said...

"Little expects the national office to determine much of what he does, including his participation in all-candidates' meetings."
The Tyee, Aug. 27

RossK said...


Oh brother.

Well, then....

I guess that means he's amenable to telling us all to 'Go Prop 13' ourselves.

Or some such Stephen Harper October 5th Adverstisementish-type thing.



scotty on denman said...

I can't help but notice---along with the disturbing ascent of the Cons---the level of "undecideds" in this riding. I've come to believe a lot of this group harbours strategic voters---it comes with the territory that SV compels many voters to wait until the last minute to make the SV choice.

Anonymous said...


RossK said...


I sure hope you're right about that undecided rump....

Sure would be scary though if a significant chunk were to break, say, Green...It's stuff like that, especially if the 'horse-race' talk that Mulcair can't win keeps building in the National media vs. what's going on at the riding level, that scares the bejeebuz out of me.


Grant G said...

The NDP should win this riding handily..I give Carole 90% probability...The wildcard in this riding is how the Asian(Chinese block)break...And will they break, will they vote, even the Asian block is against pipeline and tanker expansion in this complex riding..

My gut tells me.....that particular voting block wants healthcare and social benefits and low-tax blather won`t resonate....The Liberal Beech might surprise and make it close..

Carole Ellen Baird will hold on.