Thursday, October 22, 2015

This Day In Clarkland....Delete, Delete, Delete And...

....Delete Some More.


There is the Transportation Ministry-specific stuff that privacy commissioner Elizabeth Denham has concluded indicates that the whistleblower rather than the politically-appointed staffer was telling the truth about the forced deletion of EMails that contained 'Highway of Tears' correspondence.

But, in addition to rampant deleting in the Advanced Education Ministry, according to Rob Shaw's piece in the VSun, there is also this:

...Denham’s report also zeroed in on Premier Christy Clark’s deputy chief of staff, Michele Cadario, noting that she keeps almost none of her emails

“The commissioner found that the broad interpretation given to transitory records by the deputy chief of staff, which results in her retaining almost no sent emails, effectively frustrates the Office of the Premier’s ability to comply with (section six, subsection one) of FIPPA (the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act),” wrote Denham in her report...


Once again, we are inside the Premier's office.

Guess that would be the cue for Lotuslandian proMedia Club members to stop digging immediately.


Commissioner Denham's full report can be found....Here.
And, ya, I swiped a chunk of the header from Horgan & Co...But, in my defence, I did go one 'delete' further.
Hmmmmm....I guess we now know why the Clarklandian wizards sent the messy hair guy out on to plank to tell us that we, the public, just aren't that into matters FOI last week..Or some such thing.



Anonymous said...

click click cluck
Triple delete
RCMP investigating?
Dobell doctrine?
Breach of public trust?

sd said...

Just listened to Bob Makin on CBC talking about this and he thinks this will be a huge story for a long time. I watched the X-RCMP weasel trying to excuse this away. Between him and stephie I'm surprised my tv hasn't had my shoe in it.(YET)

Anonymous said...

And, once again, it has been announced that Clark will be on another "trade" mission to china (Oct. 30 to Nov. 7). How convenient.

Bill said...

Well we know the !*DELETE*BS~!?! Christy Liberals have been consistently good at deleting e-mails and records. To there credit... they have had lots of practice, encouragement and so far very minor consequences.

Wonder what sacrificial minion(s) will take the heat and be thrown under the bus? If this epic scandal keeps rolling as it should then they may need a whole new fleet of dedicated buses for the job.. Here is a positive... If they were LNG powered the Lib scripted media could spin the low carbon footprint of this long simmering scandal.

Time for Christy to escape on another Sparkel Pony trade mission.

Lew said...

I note CKNW reporters squawking about no answers to whether Gretes is receiving legal assistance in regard to his situation. Apparently they don’t realize that even if they find out that he has coverage, it is illegal for them to broadcast the fact. The government passed that regulation to ensure secrecy after the Basi/Virk illegal payoff.

Under section 29 of the Excluded Employees (Legal Proceedings) Indemnity Regulations of the Financial Administration Act it is now illegal for anyone to disclose, among other things "the fact that coverage has been requested, provided, denied or terminated".

I've been asking reporters and hosts at 'NW for a couple of years what they think of this travesty and not one gives a damn. Might serve them right if they’re charged for breaching it.

North Van's Grumps said...

Technology Minister Amrik Virk said Thursday the government takes the FOI act seriously and has processed hundreds of thousands of pages in requests properly over the years.

Hundreds of Thousands????

Typically Bob Mackin FOI requests are 99% BLANK pages for his FOI dollars? Same too for Sean Holman's Public Eye!

Anonymous said...


where do we go from here folks?

Or is this just one more drive-by travesty foisted upon us from upon high?

Gary L.

Anonymous said...

A Fantasy Fiat World Divorced From Actual Ethical Conduct.?

Q-BC favourite fish.?
A- red herring?

North Van's Grumps said...

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia: Protecting privacy, Promoting transparency

Anonymous said...