Thursday, October 15, 2015

The BC Liberal Flying Surrender Monkeys Are Out In Force On The Twittmachine Discrediting Strategic Voting.


And it's all based on Leadnow's calling VanGranville for the NDP.



As we've been saying for days now that riding is currently too close to call.

And nationwide Leadnow has called things pretty much even Lib/Dipper.

So this demonization of them is ridiculous, especially for those of us whose real intent is to vote smart to Stop Cons.

And there are many ridings in BC where things are much clearer.

Here is a short list (I'll have more on this in a day or so). 

Of course, the FSMonkeys are being aided and abetted by....You got it...The aggregator vs. riding-spec poll conflating Keef!
Re: All those FSM's pounding their phones simultaneously..Where is that confounded talking points memo anyway?



Anonymous said...

“Right now it’s people who aren’t associated with the parties who are calling for strategic voting,” he said. “It’s not particularly the parties themselves… If there’s ridings where the Conservatives can squeak by with 33 or 34 per cent, there’s going to be a lot of people wondering what happened.” Mario Canseco of Insights West (in the Osoyoos Times)

Words of wisdom.. Merv

SCotty on denman said...

As I figured, at the beginning SV was dismissed by the party stands to lose the most, then it was pooh-poohed, and, as we moved into the last week, attacked outright in various media. Even the MoCo disseminated its soft negativity (I particularly loved their comment that "there's no guarantee it works"…well, of course not! But I've even heard "there's no PROOF it works"…I suppose one might scrawl,"I voted strategically" across the ballot, providing some proof, but that would probably spoil the ballot, so I wouldn't recommend it.) All this last-minute SV slagging makes it look like some people are worried that it really does work.

I'm not surprised Leadnow recommended Mira as the SV choice in Van-Gran. As I've been advising everyone I meet, don't get too obsessed with polls, especially where its within the MOE, but, rather, use other corroborative evidence too, like talking to people, for example; in Mira's case, those supporting points were: she came from behind with hard work, dedicated volunteers, and impressive showings; she appeared to outwork Jody who was conspicuously absent from in first week or two of the campaign---until Mira signed on; Jody's an impressive candidate herself, but she looks to be most involved with First Nations issues (nothing wrong with that except Mira probably appeared to have a broader interest); Mira did well with some important minorities in the riding; and, finally, the NDP is still in the race and can't be counted out yet. The slightest SV edge, even within the MOE thus, in aggregate, gives it to Mira. I'm glad she got it.

And toes crossed...

Anonymous said...

V. Sun has some new polls out

The polls suggest four incumbent Conservatives - Nina Grewal (Fleetwood-Port Kells), John Weston (West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country), Wai Young (Vancouver South) and Andrew Saxton (North Vancouver) - are in danger of losing their seats to strong Liberal challengers.

But the polls, released Wednesday by Insights West and Mainstreet-Postmedia, show conflicting results in the new riding of Burnaby North-Seymour, where - depending on which pollster you consult - either the Conservatives will trounce their competition, or the NDP will sneak away with the win.

Mainstreet-Postmedia's surveys were conducted Oct. 9 and 10, polling 716 Burnaby North-Seymour residents, 661 Fleetwood-Port Kells residents and 673 West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country residents. The polls all had margins of error between 3.65 and 3.8 per cent, 19 times out of 20.
- by Jeff Lee and Matthew Robinson, Vancouver Sun

Anonymous said...

So first of all I read your article this morning, followed by a quick glance at headlines in the area.

Well look at this headline in the Vancouver Sun:
" Leadnow accused of pro-NDP bias, conflict of interest "

Does this mean that during BC's next election the VSun will do a similar story on itself for supporting the Liberals ? After all without the
( financial ) support from the Liberal government. the Sun would set forever.

North Van's Grumps said...

FootNote to UBC's unexpected departure of President:

.... of Berdahl’s freedom, Smith expanded the definition of academic freedom to include blogs and all commentary “on the extent to which the university are being advanced or hindered by decisions or initiatives affecting the university.” - Daphne Bramham

Anonymous said...

RossK said...


Ya, I saw that...thanks.


Thanks everyone else...I'll be back with new breakdowns later...Busy work day unfortunately.


Just one thing though....Mainstreet seems to be all over the place with their numbers across the entire country...Regading LeadNow...I like it when their Insights West polls have other pollsters corroborating (usually Oracle but sometimes Ekos).

VanGran really is too close to call in my opinion.


SCotty on denman said...

As expected, Freya's Day morning---as it will probably be for the remainder---sees the Cons and their MSM collaborators throwing out the down-to-the-wire cheap shots. It's not for nothing the G&M online edition has run the headline " Alberta NDP Mislead Voters" for over a week, but today's headlines include a new one that suggests "NDP Stands To Lose Severance"---as if NDP candidates are motivated by nothing more than personal self interest.

As H-boy's "fireside chat" pieces of the past couple days say (which, BTW, is considered professional, high quality propaganda): "We'll talk [" "] again tomorrow."

Anonymous said...

Yep, agree with Scotty. There will be all sorts of manufactured MSM stories against the NDP and the Libs.

The BC Libs use this strategy all the time, remember the manufactured BCTF "strike" story given maximum media coverage led by the Vancouver Sun? Play it again Sam.

Can't believe it but the Province newspaper endorsed Harper as PM. Truly disgusting.


Anonymous said...

The Globe & Mail endorsed the Cons but "not" Harper. The readers are shellacking this nonsensical position.