Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#Elxn42: Hookers & Heroin....Mr. Harper's Final Smear?


It was a smear strate(r)gy that we saw the minions take out for a test drive a couple of weeks ago when they had Jason Kenney come to town and tell us that a vote for Justin Trudeau was a vote for hookers and heroin in your neighbourhood.

And, no, I'm not making that up:

...“He (Trudeau) wants to force communities to accept brothels,” (Jason) Kenney said. “We don’t think the values of most Canadians include having to put up with heroin injection sites imposed on their communities against their will, or to have brothels operating in their neighbourhoods against their will.”...



Why did they first trot this out briefly a couple of weeks ago and then let it go?

Well, it would seem that it gave them time to focus group/test it in the pocket markets (otherwise known as 'ridings' to the rest of us) where certain groups of 'new stock' Canadians live in Lotusland.

And, no, I'm not making that up either.

How do I know that?

Well, the following showed up in the print edition of Vancouver's Ming Pao newspaper yesterday:

Need more proof?

Well, how about a translation of the despicable, clearly Conservative-branded, ad courtesy the Globe's Mike Hager and his compatriot Andrea Woo's Dad:

Enough said?

There is also, of course, something that the minions count on...Which is the fact that the proMedia have a terrible, terrible time calling a spade a spade...Thus, pretty much everywhere you see whispered reports on this it will be about the 'anti-pot ad' which doesn't sound near as bad as what it actually is, right?
A wee digression....When I'm in full-on bloggodome mode as I have been over the last few days, I try to read and make notes at night so that I can then line up the posts on a timer the following morning before I go to work...This morning I was going to hold off  because I'v got an early meeting before teaching day (which run Mon/Wed/Fri in the fall)...But when the clock radio flickered to life this a.m. the first thing I heard was the latest audio ad from 'Mr. Reasonable and Modulated' which made me so damn mad that I got up immediately and started pounding keys...Sheesh...Now I'm going to have to cut the shower short....Again.
Hey!...For all of us amongst the 70% who need a bit of an energizer this last week before the polls open for real...Head on over and read Merv Adey's latest....It's a good one.
I'll talk to you again (way before) tomorrow.....Ha!



Boris said...

Hmm. My first thought was that Cons are adverting for the Grits there. I mean, how is providing regulated sex and drugs in your neighbourhood a bad thing? A person could have a lot of fun with that attempted smear.

RossK said...


Hard to disagree.

But don't forget this is targeted to specific ridings with specific, as the Cons see them anyway, types of citizens.


Boris said...

Yes I saw that. Should be national policy. Also it's very insulting to the ethnic demographics they are targeting as it assumes some lack of mental individuality based on race. It's a very backhanded racism.

RossK said...



What else does a true Straussian have for the electorate other than the back of his or (rarely) her hand?


J MacDuff (Weatherguy) said...

Another sick, twisted effort to frighten people. The only thing more frightening is the MSM response. Global, let us have a poll to see if attack ads are bad. Then have Stockwell Daze, mouthing platitudes "Yea that is true".
Another wave of the hand, instead of hard bitch slap!

Anonymous said...

From Federal to Provincial politics.... the game is the same:

" the NDP would comprehensively legalize marijuana and kids would be able to buy it at school; the corporate capital tax would be introduced; and the NDP would block the selling of natural gas to China. "
( 2013 BC election )

Guy in Victoria

RossK said...


Gosh. I missed that one...So the proMedia folks think they might that there might be a rating point to be made by pimping the fear factor...What a surprise.


Thanks Guy--

You raise an important point, which is that a number of the same operatives who worked for the BCLiberals in 2013 are, of course, now working for the FedCons in 2015.


Lew said...

Harper gave $8 million of our tax dollars to the International Republican Institute last year. It is chaired by Senator John McCain and advertises its efforts thusly:

“IRI encourages democracy in places where it is absent, helps democracy become more effective where it is in danger, and shares best practices where democracy is flourishing.”

A member of its International Advisory Council is a piece of work named Stockwell Day, who today says that the accusatory ads placed by the Cons in the ethnic media are true. Unless he figures democracy is absent or in danger here, he must be wandering the world sharing this as a Canadian “best practice”.

Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy that our tax dollars are being used so effectively, no?

Anonymous said...

This from the Cons who brought the Toronto Ford brothers into their campaign events recently. I guess they don't like heroin, or cannabis, but crack is ok.

RossK said...



That thing is crazy...A Johnny McCain project I believe...Nice round number that $8million, eh?



Very good point taken, re: the hypocrisy.

And, actually...

If you read the excerpt from Mr. Ford's former chief-of-staff's book in Macleans the 'h' word does come up in 'conversation' (it's down near the bottom).