Friday, May 13, 2016

This Day In Clarkland... A New Job For Our Fine Premier.


Mining compliance officer?

After all.

I hear, according to the Auditor General at least, that we might need a few.

Alternatively....I guess it is possible, based on what we have learned in past couple of weeks, that our fine premier may have just stopped by to pick up a cheque (and to demonstrate how big it is) freshly laundered through the BC Liberal party machinery.
And, while she's in Princeton, maybe our fine premier could hop in the private jet chartered for all our mining compliance officers and see if she can deal with a small problem that seems to brewing in Kamloops...



North Van's Grumps said...

RossK your link to MABC leads to an advertisement:

Ministry of Energy and Mines is seeking a Deputy Chief Inspector, Compliance and Enforcement. Apply by May 17

For more information:

Annual Salary: $72,098.04 - $98,718.78

Anonymous said...

we leased this dozer on a 1000 year lease.
world class lease :)

Anonymous said...

BC is leading the Country in economic activity..... I wonder how many times those poor workers had to hear that...
Our BC economic activity is so great that Justin Trudeau announced today: "We said we would continue to monitor and assess the situation and act if need be," he said. "Edmonton, southern Saskatchewan and southern interior B.C. now meet the criteria we established."
The March budget eased EI waiting periods and added weeks of coverage in 12 parts of the country hit hard by a prolonged downturn in commodity prices."

Wait a second here... if BC is leading the Country why do we need extended EI benefits.... come on Christy explain that.... never mind I already know your answer " we're leading the Country ".

Guy in Victoria

RossK said...


The irony.

Of course, if your fine premier has taken the job, she will have to approximately triple the grease hitting her palm that is cranked out by the laundering facility just to keep level with her current compensation.

Although, some might suggest she might do more good for the people of BC if she did make the switch.



Don't be ridiculous.

The lease is only for 990 years.

Get your facts straight!



You may be interested in Peter Ladner's latest.

It's actually quite good.


e.a.f. said...

This is the first I've read about the mine in Kamloops. they want to build the mine that close to the town. don't they know this isn't the former U.S.S.R. Oh, right B.C. is now led by something similar Christy Clown Clark and in my opinion has about the same ethics when it comes to the welfare of the children of this province. How many children would Christy like to have die from this mine? Perhaps it doesn't matter to Christy how many children die in this province. The b.c. leiberals are the cause of the closing of two O.R.s at Children's Hospital and 4 children did die in care and the beat goes on.