Wednesday, May 11, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...They Only Smear The Ones They Fear Most..



Their super-ninja polling must be telling them that Mr. Eby is making headway:

And if you haven't read it already, I highly recommend you go have a look at Laila's piece on how the Clarklandian media monitors do their thing behind their not-so secret curtain...And when you're done at Laila's think of all the people that are not working for us (i.e. park rangers, social workers, education aides, etc.) because these fine folks are.



Anonymous said...

SH @ Rossk

They're getting sloppy.

Clever Laila!

North Van's Grumps said...

Ben James Salary

No wonder he's working so hard at getting the 'message' out on the good work that the BC Liberals are doing.

page 1 of 9, bottom of the page

$94,176 Not including Expenses

North Van's Grumps said...

If only we could take the Tin Foil Hat and move it, photoshop it, to Ben James Head, eh

Anonymous said...

re: North Van's Grumps said....

While reviewing your link I notice that in the payments section that government pays numbered companies for I'm guessing work performed. My question is.. should we pay numbered companies ? Does government actually know who the owners are ?

Guy in Victoria

PS.. about Ben James... typical ass kisser who can't get a job in the real world.

Anonymous said...

we dont have a poverty reduction plan but we do have a personal enrichment plan.

motorcycleguy said...

wholeheartedly agree with Guy in Victoria....

yer darn tootin’ he (or the vast majority of similar folk) couldn’t get a job in the real really gets my goat with all the twitter comments (like that new BCLib candidate who’s name hasn’t stuck in my head) about how everyone who comments here (or places like here) want a piece of the action without doing any work when in reality it is these people that are not adding value to goods for a is in fact them that are dragging us down by way of wasting our tax dollars and giving away the commons (that belong to all of us).....they are not doing a stitch of work that adds value by way of sweat or growing food or saving lives or welding broken machinery together.....they are only able to exist because of the inadequacy of our lamestream media exposing their salaries and just what amount of productivity and/or good for the majority of people that those salaries purchased....I don’t mean only those in the public employ monitoring news items and colouring with crayon beside them....but those in private enterprise that could not make a go of it if it weren’t for unknowing taxpayers bankrolling them by trusting our government to make good decisions....IPP’s, P’3s, IT consulting contracts, lax real estate regulations, unlimited political donations, etc etc etc....if it were their intellectual prowess (because it most certainly isn’t their physical prowess) that they are getting paid for, let them show it by showing up at Norm’s house and pointing out how his graphs are wrong.....if only I were getting paid for this......I could write a much more eloquent takedown

Lew said...


Your unpaid takedown was eloquent in my books.

Well said.