Sunday, May 08, 2016

This Sunday In Snookland...Word Salad Wednesday Comes Early.


From our fine premier's shiny happy people appearance on the CBC's  'The House' yesterday:

..."I'd remind Americans that America was never made great, and no American president is remembered as great, because he built walls."...

Then again, 'studies' show that most folks who cross the border where Trump actually wants to build his wall end up working for minimum wage (or less).

Which, ipso-facto-Christyco, means that all those border crossers and the low end foreign wage earners that Mr. Trump apparently likes to employ in his fine wine 'n dine emporiums must be living at home while living in a foreign land.

Or some such thing. 



Anonymous said...

vote for trilion dollar LNG ,100k jobs,pr, lies pr,propaganda,spin,deflect delay, deny ,red herring,delete,black out,charge for access,pay to play,BC deaths, one degree of seperation
families first
on time on budget
debt 32 billion to 65 bilion in 14 years
balooning contractual obligations
unneeded 10b site C
unwarranted Massey bridge 4b instead of twinning tunnel

North Van's Grumps said...


BC Progess Board Post by RossK

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