Wednesday, May 04, 2016

This Evening In Clarkland...Let Them Eat (Homemade) Cake!


Andrew McLeod of the Tyee follows up on that minimum wage deflector spike spin bauble that was thrown into the proMedia maw this morning:



She can see Versailles from her house!




e.a.f. said...

No they don't live at home. Min. wage earners usually don't have homes of their own. they are not kids, they are adults trying to support themselves and in some cases their kids. That woman is out of touch and needs to go.

RossK said...


Of course there is also the flipside....Those folks who can't live independently off of a minimum wage (because it is, essentially, an unlivable wage) and are thus forced to live with parents.

But I don't think that is not what our fine Premier was talking about...

Instead, my take is that Ms. Clark was trying to pass this all off as just being about young kids in high school working at their first fast fooish-type job.

Which is demonstrable codswallop.

Not that anybody will call her out on it or anything...


Danneau said...

Utterly off topic, but it's not such a bad thing to down tools from time to time. Lawson sent this to all the old fart musicians who haven't played for a long time:

be well in the midst of a lot of screwbally sickness.

RossK said...

Awesome Danneau.



Stephen said...

Maybe a Baldrey would do here and say what did you expect, no surprise here.

RossK said...


I predict the Keef will tell us how there is now, and never was, nothing whatsoever for we peons to worry our pretty little heads about re: the conflictyness of a bought-and-paid-for Premier.


Anonymous said...

And now the line up starts with the Bored of Tirade, the Chamber (pot) of Commercials,C-FIB and all the others whining how it will put them out of business to pay enough for people to barely exist on. Phil Hochstein (why do I retch whenever that names comes up?) will be purple faced with rage that mere pennies should filter down to the lowest wage earners. Out trots the argument that it's just kids living at home, still breastfeeding, earning those outrageous sums.
Never mind mentioning that a business that runs on that thin a margin is doomed to failure.Or look at how big the profit margin was for the owner, just slag and pile on the poor person that has little choice but to try and live on the scraps that fall to the floor.

My son worked in the construction industry for 6 years- he never saw a wage above $20 an hour and had a hard time providing for his young family, often working weekends to make ends meet.My daughter in law still works as a "manager" for a large chain store - at $13.45 an hour.All the responsibility, none of the wages.
But Queen Christy can't get by without , um, well, "whoring" herself out for an extra $50 k.
Time to flush the toilet.

RossK said...





John's Aghast said...

A lot of single mothers have to hold down two jobs to make ends meet. What makes you think this high school graduate (not that there's anything wrong with that)is any different?