Sunday, September 25, 2016

If We Had Yearly Elections Would We Have A Dipper Government Run By The BC Liberals?


First, there was the sloppily enacted Dipper-driven housing policy.

And now, as force-fed both-siderist Mikey-Mike of The Province notes, it's education and schools 'n stuff:

...Last week, B.C. Education Minister Mike Bernier said the government would drop a controversial 95-per-cent school-occupancy target before approving costly seismic upgrades.

“Student safety is our top priority,” Bernier said, while repeating that the Liberal government is committed to “upgrading or replacing all high-risk schools.”...

All of which seems great and all.

Except, of course, all of the Clarklandians announcements are little more than limited hangouts designed to generate media deflector spike-spin rather than actually fix a problem created by longstanding BC Liberal party policy.


As noted by Dermod Travis of Integrity BC and Norm Farrell of In-Sights, the 'Cronification of Everything' continues unabated.




North Van's Grumps said...

And it was Education Minister Christy Clark that started the ball rolling that permitted parents to TAKE their children outside of the their school catchment area. GHG rates must be skyrocketing what with parents having to drive the children to school rather than walking to the school.

Driving children to school??? Adds cars to rush hour traffic

Anonymous said...

How Investment Banks Cash in on US School Construction
- by Paul Perry, Priceonomics

"Local control of schools is uniquely American. But perhaps, in this case, American Exceptionalism is making us less exceptional."