Thursday, September 15, 2016

When You Do A Whole Lot Of Laundry Aren't You Going To Make Bubbles?


Regarding the Lotuslandian RealEstate situation, it sure is amazing what a little concerted shining of light into the corners of a real story by the proMedia can do, eh?

And three of the carriers of the biggest flashlights have been Ian Young of the SCMP, Kathy Tomlinson of the Globe and Sam Cooper of Postmedia.

Yesterday, in the wake of the latest revelations, Mr. Cooper had this to say on the Twittmachine:

Now that is some bombshell if Mr. Cooper has the documentary evidence to back it up (and so far, he always has had the goods).

But then, downthread, in response to a conversation with a guy that is not me, Mr. Cooper went one step further:


I guess the real question is...

If this is really the case, why has no one been held to account?

Or, put another way...

Who benefits from such a lack of accounting?

And, just to be clear, it's not just proMedia members who have been carrying the high wattage flashlights...



davemj said...

This is old news to the people that reads blogs such as this,and very many at that.Well we all know what the likes of Palmer,Bulldry,Sh Leslie,Bull Gadd,Tom Flesher,Smarty pants,Mike Smyth,that had blasted the bloggers.Well whatdoya know the ball has hit there court the only defence they know is to blame,slander,and try discredit the only truth we get.The local rags are only fit for out house use there down the hole and Globull are well on there way.One more thing does any of this paper from the hole lead to the Stars at the Ledge Peew!!!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

More than ever the overly rich expect impunity for all their actions. We live in an age of reverse values - the seven deadly sins are both national and international constitutions.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Failure to prosecute financial crimes of this magnitude, brings into question the reputation of the Crown, the laws which are supposed to "serve" the people, the system of justice both federal and provincial, and indeed the integrity of those whose responsibility it is, to ensure that "organized crime" of any kind is investigated and prosecuted.

This is organized crime, make no mistake here. Foreign nationals subverting anti money laundering laws and perhaps even anti terrorist funding laws, is being condoned by the banks and both levels of government in B.C.

It is time that the powers at be "account" for their lack of oversight and turning a blind eye, to such crimes for as far back as 2009 or earlier. What happened to the "integrity of our laws?

Has greed and corruption extended far into our financial oversight system? Is our government complicit in the commission of organized financial crime within the real estate industry?

So many questions, where are the investigators, the warrants, the prosecutions for financial crimes that have obviously been ongoing for many years now.

Indeed Canada's system of governance is and has been proven to be easily corrupted, as exposed in the Quebec commission into Corruption a few years ago.

This is one more example of a lack of "organized oversight" into the legal and system of governance in this country.
If this is a "planned" oversight, by individuals or organized political or business people, then we have a serious corruption problem within the financial integrity and oversight system, in this country.

RossK said...

Re: the expections of impunity for all actions...

I think it is important to both identify and call out all those who worked so long and hard to bamboozle the citizenry into thinking that none of this was actually happening.