Friday, September 30, 2016

These Days In Clarkland...Who's Dusting Now?



According to Mikey Mike of The Province, our fine Premier has said that the still to be birthed deal with Petronas is done like dinner.

Or the dusting.

Or the finest of the fine dust of the angels.

Or some such thing:

...“We have signed the agreement,” Clark said. “It is set. It is done and dusted.”...

Which sure does sound good and emphatically done.

But then Mikey Mike, catching up with the idiots blogging in their PJ's, noted what Big Rich had to say before he donned his Darth Vader mask for the day:

...Coleman was recently quoted in a Business in Vancouver magazine article as saying he would “quite likely” meet with the project’s backers to “restart our discussions in and around our project development agreement.”

Why would Coleman reopen a deal that critics had already said was too sweet for the companies?

“Because the price of gas in Asia right now is so cheap,” he said. “The numbers have really got to be tightened down.”...

Now, in the 'credit where credit' is due department, that is column writing well done.

And if it had ended right there Mikey would have gotten a gold star.

Too bad he then wrote this:

...Whether the Clark government does a taxation limbo dance just to deliver at least one LNG project remains to be seen.

For now, Clark is clearly thrilled that she at least has one approved project to show for all her promises in the last election, with another election quickly approaching...

Why does this bug me?

Because past performance indicates what is very likely really going to happen, not to mention the fact that Mr. Smyth is tacitly admitting that, around here at least, flack-hackery beats substance every time.

Now, why is that I wonder?

And, of course, I'm pretty sure somebody, maybe somebody really obvious who is not Harvey O, will soon let us know how big a political win this all is for the Clarklandian wizardry and their KloutKlub-assisted federal enablers even though not long ago they also wrote that the complete lack of real actual sparkle ponies in our midst despite all the promises last time doesn't really matter because of the booming economy....errrrr...real estate bubble.



Anonymous said...


Let the protection money flow:

North Van's Grumps said...

To speed things up, Christy Clark 'Done and Dusted' the Petronas LNG without leaving room time for 'second thoughts'

When documents were signed in times past using pens dipped in ink, drying time could be considerable as the application of the ink varied so much. To speed things up an absorbent dust was sprinkled on the fresh writing, left momentarily, and then tipped off the sheet, allowing the document to be rolled or folded there and then, and carried off. Thus, a deal was considered finalized when it was "done and dusted".

PS Was the Dust ..... asbestos???

Lew said...

When Rich Coleman recently crowed about the $20 billion “invested” in LNG related projects in BC in the last four years, one of the amounts included was the $5.5 billion purchase of Progress Energy by Petronas.

If Petronas is now able to dump its share in the project, look for the BC Liberals to add the sale price to the total “invested” in BC for LNG and spin it as a win. And look for the usual suspects in the press gaggery to grade Coleman’s math paper with an “A”.

Grant G said...

Michael Smyth literally copied and pasted my last article...and..Poor MIKEY..He has the facts wrong..

Petronas is not the first project to get a greenlight from the feds.

Shell Canada had all the permits..Woodfibre..Altagas too..

Smyth is one lazy slud.."what is research"

Of course...who needs to research when he can glean research from bloggers..

I wrote this over a year ago..

In my article I clearly wrote that Petronas was out, and they were...

Today Reuters New-wire confirmed my forecasts..

"Petronas to sell their majority share"...except..there are no buyers.

And in case you missed..Wednesday night yours truly was on Blogtalkradio for a 2 hour conversation on...LNG...The bad, the ugly, the truth..

There were some bandwidth issues but ..we got a lot of information out there..

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Grant G said...

Here is my article that Michael Smyth ripped off..

Shitty Smitty wrote his(err, copied my analogy) 24 hours after my posting..

Bloggers and no credibility Baldrey and bill Good say..

Bloggers stomp the MSM ...AGAIN!