Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Money Shot From The Latest Vancouver Real Estate Piece By Kathy Tomlinson.


From Ms. Tomlinson's piece this morning in the Globe:

...The papers that (whistleblower) Mr. (Demetre) Lazos provided The Globe paint a fascinating picture, revealing a network of players – local and foreign – who are parking money in Canadian real estate. They also show how loopholes and lax oversight make it easy for the speculators to play the system – and profit tax-free – by obscuring their ownership and earnings, all the while treating the properties as commodities, not homes...

The point?

This is entirely OUR (and our elected representatives') doing.

Not to mention 'our' banks.



Anonymous said...

It served the BC Liberals to keep their heads in the sand on the real estate file.

The national park file shows where the BC Liberals kept British Columbians in the dark so they could blatantly lie. "BC government documents obtained by the Wilderness Committee reveal huge public support for a South Okanagan National Park"

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--


Now why is it, I wonder, that the Clarklandians would actively suppress public support for National Park in that particular part of the province?


Anonymous said...

Keith E. said...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

e.a.f. said...

The b.c. lieberals put a great big for sale sign on B.C. and then turned a blind eye and allowed Communist China to use B.C. to play fast and loose with our province. Its a good place to park their money, their ill gotten money, and for laundering money.

The news recently reported they had $13M being brought into B.C. by people coming from China, who hadn't declared that, in cash. Wonder how much comes in through the ports in containers.

All land being purchased in this country ought to have a name attached to it. No company name, no numbered company. NAme and residence of owner. Will that happen? doubt it. the b.c. lieberals and their friends are making way to much money.

Victoria is well on its way to becoming the new Vancouver when it comes to prices.

The only reason the municipal act was changed was so Christy and the cabal didn't loose seats in Vancouver. You notice the b.c. lieberals didn't pass legislation to make this apply to all of B.C. or to foreign corporations. Its business as usual.

There was a nice little documentary on Vice T.V. about all the abandoned small towns in NFLD. We might want to go live there. there won't be any place for us in B.C. Christy and her cabal will have sold it to the Communist Chinese government and their friends.

davemj said...

Can we not demand an investigation into the possibility of bribery by elected officials? the movement of money and there holdings i understand some obtained property in the last few years.I can see how this is going to blow up in there faces,i say come on whistle blowers i am sure enough the people will stand up for you.The Dirty dirty rotten rats!Karma is trending .I bet David Eby has them crapping in there boots i hope he gets some help.

chuckstraight said...

In the area that the park is - there are many free range cattle that use the area for free. Many of the ranchers use our land for free, and Linda Larson ( MLA) is also a rancher.
The BC Liberals are likely financially supported by these free rangers.

RossK said...


And the 'resort development potential' in that area?

Is that a factor?

(Think mega-lucrative tree farm licence conversion freebies, for example)


Anonymous said...

SH @ RossK

Christy's base is heavily represented by huntin', ranchin' and entrepraynewer Associations and interest groups, with big-time political clout and deep pockets…think of the anti-park syndicate as you would union busters…you shut ideas and movements down before they infect other like-minded people:

We drove the already stunning route from Keremeous to Osoyoos, where the Park is planned, during a daytime, high summer lightning storm. I will never forget the golden landscape in stark relief against an electric purple sky and towering, blackening clouds, as silver tracings of electric energy arced over the valley. The Park will be World Class.

*Ranchers profess to be stewards of the land, but the ranches I have lived near, often have riparian and wetland areas trampled by cattle, and there is a definite impact on wildlife, as predator species are "suppressed": including ravens, big cats, bears, coyotes, wolves and more...

Anonymous said...

The "stunning route from Keremeous to Osoyoos" is slated to be flooded by the Amerikaans after they build a dam south of the border on the Similkameen River.

Chuckstraight said...

Definitely resort possibilities in the area as well RossK.
Just what the BC Liberals like- complete with donors.

RossK said...

Thanks for the insights and link SH--



Are you talking about....This, wherein Fortis declared that it would not proceed with a proposed dam 'at this time' in Sept of 2014?



Jumbo! (without the chairlifts?)


Lenin's Ghost said...

Real estate! Corporate Christy's big game!
A new park! We can't afford another ranger!