Saturday, September 17, 2016

This Weekend In Clarkland...The Heartlessness Of Cookie Dough Mike.


The Clarklandian Finance Minister on why he and his leader (and, presumably, their patrons who pay for all that they do) forced the bus pass claw back on our fellow citizens who need our help most:

“They’re exercising a new-found freedom and choice that heretofore didn’t exist,” de Jong said. “So that was the whole purpose of the exercise: to give people choice.”

I mean, even the Tin Man...

 Tip-O-The-Toque to Laila Yuile on the Twittmachine.

And, I for one, couldn't help but note how the proMedia 'round here focused almost exclusively on the 10% of the folks who need our help chose food over their bus pass...Why?...Because that means that 90% made the 'choice' to do the opposite...Think about that flip-side for a minute.
Quote is from Bob Mackin's piece in BIV.



Grant G said...

Mike De Jong and the Cluckster crowing about about a $1.9 billion dollar surplus(yet our debt keeps rising)..

According to Robert Levy, and according to the finance ministry...

$2.2 billion dollars has come from property transfer taxes...

and..The property transfer tax brought in more government revenue than Forestry, Mining, Oil n Gas, and all other resource industries....COMBINED

In other words, a tricky government knowing that resource revenue is, and was forecasted to be dismal...perhaps went out of its way to fuel a money laundering real estate firestorm...Panda Bonds too

Because, despite the 15% foreign buyer's tax implemented in August(brought in by legislation in July) late as June 2016..Because the BC masses were sharpening pitchforks

Christy Clark pretended to go on an Asian LNG trade mission(early July 2016) with real estate representatives from Sutton West Coast and Nu-Stream real of the companies at the heart of the flipping money laundering racketeering scam..


"Representatives of two real estate companies are travelling with the B.C. Premier on a trade mission to Asia, raising questions about the optics of the perceived partnership at a time when many are calling for an end to foreign real estate investment......

Listed among those companies are two real estate brokerages Nu Stream Realty and Sutton West Coast Realty.

This news comes weeks after realtors in Vancouver came under question for advertising property information in China, before the same opportunity to buy was advertised in Canada.

Information about B.C. properties for sale — translated into Chinese from the Multiple Listing Service used by agents —was published through a Shanghai-based company to give clients a jump on bidding, according to the Victoria Times Colonist report on April 13."

So...B.C. knew resource revenue was near non-existent..what to do for monies..

Panda bonds and real estate fraud with little to no oversight from B.C...the banks and CRA..Fintrac..

Also..According to Robert Levy..35% of BC's economy is a directly related to real estate..

LNG revenue ranks dead last..why, because there is no LNG revenue, in fact natural gas government perks cost the treasury..

Maybe John Horgan...nevermind..Maybe David Eby can get the true message out to the people..


RossK said...

Good points Grant--

And, in 2014/15 alone the Rubes were suckered out of MORE than 2.2 billion for MSP premiums.

No other province in Canada does this.


MSP premiums...That is all of our so-called economic driven 'surplus' right there.


Lulymay said...

And I just renewed my ICBC insurance this morning and guess what? That "minimum" increase of 4.5% was ONLY ON THE BASIC. Turns out there is also about 5% increase on the Optional, but no one wants to talk about that, least of all our soooo well-informed MSM. Guess this is another step in privatizing insurance, but it appears its another giant one.

RossK said...


Privatization tracking, indeed.

Except, what will happen to the general revenue cash cow then?


Wonder if they have a plan to replace said cow by instituting an HSP (hydration services plan) so that we can be whacked up the side of the head for drinking water and/or taking a shower.

In the most non-progressive way possible, of course.

(which is what this government by fee-for-service stuff is really all about)