Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Last Doomed Day In Clarkland...The Dean Takes A Stand.



...The New Democrats and Greens have given serious thought to managing the challenges in the legislature. They have already concluded they can make do without unilateral changes in the standing orders. Perhaps they have other solutions as well.

If sufficiently satisfied by those assurances to call on Horgan to form a government, the Lt.-Gov. could further ask the premier-designate to recall the legislature in short order and demonstrate he has the confidence of the house.

Granted there would be no guarantees that the power-sharing arrangement could be made to work for long. But in my view it would be more prudent to give it a chance, rather than declare it a failure based on self-serving suppositions of a scheming premier.

But here's the thing.

What should we all do if Ms. Guichon does not do the good Mr. Palmer's suggested 'prudent' thing?



Anonymous said...

cry havoc ,and let slip the dogs of war.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

24/7 yoga on Burrard Street Bridge.

Anonymous said...


Lenin's Ghost said...

Make her live on welfare rates!

RossK said...

How about 24/7 Motorhead...

In Dunbar.

a la Panama, 1989.

(otherwise known as the 'Ace of Spades' rates)


All snark aside...

Are we really prepared for a six months long election(s) cycle?


motorcycleguy said...

ride motorcycles thru the halls of the legislature

RossK said...


Animal House Uber Alles!


Anonymous said...

2.8 billion surplus not auditor approved yet so

BCHydro- fake dividend?

ICBC equity transfer-40%rate hike over 5 years soon?

MSP increase prior -50% cut loses 1 billion a year.

BC public asset ,burke mountain etc,real estate sales

low ,not wellhead, royalty tax defered tax credits for CAPP?

Scotty on Denman said...

I think voters are prepared to respond to a snap election. I can't think of a better way to vent our ire at this cold attempt to slit democracy's throat.

It's not improbable that even low-expectation BC Liberal supporters might wonder, in the circumstance, what reward would ever accrue to them by being commanded to bear an even heavier yoke this time, or that, without access to the back rooms of oligarchy they'd tacitly entrusted, if it might be them next.

Anonymous said...

Is not the Lt. Gov., supposed to be non partisan? Apparently she has donated funds to the BC Liberal party. Does this not indicate support for the BC Liberals? Would not her involvement in calling an election be construed as a partisan move? Would this not trigger a constitutional challenge to her authority, if the perception of being in support of the former governing party?

Lots of questions here. Personally, I believe that Horgan will be asked to form a government, since the above scenario will be perceived as a conflict of interest.

RossK said...


If the playing field was level I'd be with you.

But the BCL side of the field is piled high with Crony glitter that will buy a whole lot of ads, surrogates and shillophants.


Anonymous said...


Send post cards en masse, to each BC Liberal with this message boldly imprinted in BC's colours: $44, 466,000 x 2= NO!

250 News: "Andrew Watson, communications manager with Elections BC, says the budgeted cost for the 2017 provincial election was $44,466,000 over three fiscal years (15/16,16/17 and 2017/18).

He says the actual cost will likely be published in the report of the Chief Electoral Officer for the 2017 election next January."

North Van's Grumps said...

Question Period Thursday Afternoon Video

Today at Hansard

Scotty on Denman said...

Ross: they threw everything at last time and came up short. I'm not sure, in retrospect, that doubling that amount would achieve better. I'm inclined to think it would backfire since, even if they put the Green-Dipper platform onto hundreds of giant BC Liberal billboards to claim them as their own, it's still a matter of trust. The ball has started to roll the other way on the BC Liberals for a few years now and it only got bigger and harder to roll back up the hill.

Now the confidence test has been lost, we might reflect on the decided dearth of good will from the BC Liberals' last words in the Assembly as government. How can they prove they can be trusted when they make it so plain they can't?

But now it's time to enjoy the first of what I hope will be a long string of BC Liberal losses.

Anonymous said...

there isn't anything we can do if the Lt. Gov. doesn't offer Horgan and Weaver a chance to form government. We though ought to look very carefully in the future as to who is appointed to the position because this one is a financial supporter of the B.C. Lieberals. As I sit and type this we are still waiting for the Lt.Gov. to come out and make some sort of statement. Christy is still in the mansion. guess they're talking up old times. My money still says we're back to an election.

If we have to go to an election it maybe that many who supported the b.c. lieberals won't want to do this all over again. if nothing else, its expensive. On the other hand Chrsity would be going back to the polls with the NDP/Green play book. But we know we can't trust her. 8 dead kids on her watch and nothing ever changed no matter how Turmel Lafond wrote the reports. This woman did nothing to make life easier for those who lived in this province unless they were financial supporters of her party. A child died in unlicensed day care but no change until suddenly she doesn't hve the majority she needs. Christy needs to go The b.c. lieberals need to go. The right wing might want to have a good look at themselves and find a right wing party who isn't "dirty" with insider deals and running the province billions into debt.

In the meantime we wait. I must say though at one point Christy looked a little sad. My reaction was good. now she knows how it feels to be without. Usually that isn't a sentiment I express in these situations, but that woman brought so much misery to so many people I really can't wish her well.

Anonymous said...

It's not over until it's over
Beware the *itch is not dead.

Scotty on Denman said...

Horgan has been invited into the LG's residence. The LG doesn't have to explain her decision, whatever it is, to anyone, so the invitation I would take as a positive sign, that is, she's asking him if he can govern. And of course he'll say "yes" because he has a majority with the Greens. She already has a copy of the NDP-Green agreement in principle.

Scotty on Denman said...

And it is done: John Horgan is our new Premier!


bcwaterboy said...

Next up: West Kelowna by-election. Relieved to finally be spared hearing about and from Clark 24-7.

Willy said...

The right song for this evening

motorcycleguy said...

this is would have taken a couple hours to change the rear tire in order to make it up the legislature stairs....can put that time towards having a glass of cheap red wine now

davemj said...

She is leaving on a jet plane don't care if she don,t come back again has time to pay her own fare now again, Oh thank you Lord shes gone!! No one to kiss her butt good bye,So kiss and smile again take B.C. back again let children live and eat again good bye evil one.

davemj said...

The look on Balderdash on Glowbull with Gallus live Balderdash went into shell shock when the word came a hard time concentrating his face aged 30 years, hop the plane Keith

RossK said...

No more special private flights for the Keef!


RossK said...


The fact that we won't be seeing you racing and revving up the ledge stairs is the only downside to this outcome.



e.a.f. said...

Turns out the Lt. Gov. did the right thing.

Don't think photo op queen will be resigning her seat any time soon. Who is going to pay her that kind of money plus $12K a year in housing allowance. People like Christy Clark will re invent themselves, with the help of the MSM, here in B.C., and she will march on as if nothing happened on election day. Should the B.C. Lieberals try to replace her, good luck with that. She isn't going anywhere until she has her next gig lined up. As leader of the opposition she makes a few more dollars than a regular MLA.

Right now there isn't anyone to take over who can gain as much press as Christy Clark. What we may see is a Conservative Party reserectting itself. Its going to be fun in the Leg. when Horgan presents his budget, one which Christy used as her own budget. The party spent so much time focusing on Christy Clark none of the others had much of the spot light and didn't develop much as leaders in waiting.