Sunday, May 13, 2018

It's Up To Us To Ask Them To Ask...

Of course, Mr. Coleman and Ms. Polak have an absolute right to support any lawful group of their choosing.

And, to be honest, I actually admire the fact that they have the courage to declare their convictions publicly.

Of course, this means that it is up to us to ask these very same elected public officials if such demonstrable courage and conviction means that they believe that a woman should not have a right to choose.

Now...Given that the overwhelming majority of us (and that includes fiscally conservative socially liberal-types in the so-called BCL 'big tent') will never get a chance to put such a question to either Mr. Coleman or Ms. Polak, you would think that the asking of such a question is the job of our illustrious local proMedia...Thing is...If the latter group refuses to do its job what are we to do given that we can't 'throw the (latter) bums out' like we can the elected officials?...Well, I guess there are always the...Idiot Bloggers!
As for holding the South Delta Riding Association to account for its apparent convictions?....Gosh, you would think that just might be up to the good Mr. Wilkinson and all his assorted and sundry swords 'n such.



Anonymous said...

BC Deploys Exotic New Weapon: A ‘Budget Surplus’ without raiding the cookie jar?-BCF/BCH etc?

Lew said...

"I guess some people just have to get up and whine every day..." - Rich Coleman 25 May 2016

Congratulations, Rich. You've graduated from the whinee to the whiner.

RossK said...


You lost me...Something new re: budget projections come out recently?



Looks like Mr. Coleman might be moving on to the 'no f*cks to give' stage regarding provincial politics if there is any substance behind the rumour that he's thinking of taking a run at the Surrey mayor's chair.


Anonymous said...

Everything Rich touches turns to dust...

So here's hoping he goes all in with the fetus fetishistas!

e.a.f. said...

Highly entertaining. never can recall them taking this position while in office. They must be desperate for votes, thus appealing more to the bible belters, right winger who insist they control the bodies of women. Coleman and Bond are free to not have abortions. The rest of the population are free to do so, if they deem it necessary. It is the law of the country. Perhaps Coleman has been listening to those religious zealots in the republican party or Jason Kenny next door in Alberta.

What Coleman and Bond have clearly demonstrated their more Con than Liberal. Well we always knew it but now they're a tad more out of the closet.

Coleman as mayor of Surrey, OMG, casinos every where and all abortion clinics closed. People might remember it was his party, B.C. Lieberals who didn't build enough schools and hospitals in Surrey.

It would be an ugly picture, given Coleman's track record with money laundering in casinos. Does that city really want that type of person in the Mayor's chair, add in an RCMP detachment which hasn't been able to get a handle on the selling of drugs all over the Surrey strip, A nightmare to think about.