Thursday, May 31, 2018

What's A $65K Waiting List Between Friends And Influential Uncles?


The following is from Patti Bacchus' very sensible piece in the GStraight on the David Eby-attended meeting about the property surtax revolt that is going down in her very own pointy greying neighbourhood:

"...Opposition leader Andrew Wilkinson, who was present, held his own meeting at the Arbutus Club, which Eby described as a club for the “super wealthy”—the nonrefundable, nontransferable fee to get on the club’s waiting list is $65,000—was met with howls and boos of indignation..."


I wonder why it is, exactly, that the good Mr. Wilkinson hasn't taken his 'Oh woe is me and my $3 million dollar (plus) house' act out of the Arbutus Club so that he can take it on the road to play it for his supporters in the Hurtland?


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e.a.f. said...

If you can afford to wait list at the club, you can afford to pay the tax. I know it will be heresy not to leave as large an estate to your off spring, but get with the agenda, everyone benefits from taxes and we need a few more. Education for kids is important. Not all can go to some of the west side school and learn Mandarin. The population is growing in South Surrey and other parts of B.C.

Pay the tax and shut up. All of those adults benefited from our education in this province.