Friday, May 18, 2018

Playing At Being Pops.

Truth be told, I can no longer climb the fence like Willie 'Pops' Stargell did in his glory days (see above).

And, while we once played a whole lot of beach sand baseball, I have never forced my kids to make like Sister Sledge and sing 'We Are Family'.

Although I must confess that, occasionally, I do still get a hankering to re-enact scenes from our 'Busking Year'.

On that note, the geezing rockers recently took Bigger E. to a gig deep in the woods so that she could belt it out with the band.

It was a whole lot of fun....



e.a..f said...


You and the spousal unit have provided your children with a really amazing and fun life. Good on you. But then from my readings of your blog you also had a couple of amazing parental units.

RossK said...

Thanks e.a.f.--

Truth be told, it hasn't been all double rainbows and lollipops - especially given the fact that I've often shortchanged my kids, a lot, in terms of time due to my obsession with my day job. That is a true regret.

You are absolutely right about my own parents though, for all kinds of reasons, including the fact that, when it mattered they never scrimped on the time thing..