Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Profiles In Political Courage...Philip Owen.


Kirk LaPointe's pineapple upside down cake class war battle crying bit yesterday got me to thinking about what happens after local politicians bite the bullet and do the right thing, regardless the potential political consequences.

Which immediately brought to mind* all that which ultimately occurred in the wake of an act of political courage by the former mayor of Vancouver, Philip Owen...

Need more historical context?....Try this.
*Actually, this idea popped into my head after I read a comment from regular reader Lew.



e.a.f. said...

When Philip Owen came out in favour of harm reduction my opinion of him hit 10. he made an unpopular decision which helped people. He knew the difference between serving the population as opposed to serving only the interests of his political party and for that, he will always go down in my books as a good person. Being a leftie, it was a stretch, but good is good, regardless of politics.

RossK said...


Completely agree.


Eleanor Gregory said...

Phillip Owen had two characteristics that, in my opinion, the most effective and good politicians have, the ability to listen and the ability to learn. These traits can be found in politicians across the political spectrum. Unfortunately, these are traits that seem to be missing in all too many.

RossK said...


Given your experience, do you have a top, say, five?


Armand Bourque said...

Barrett. Douglas the 1st. Douglas the 2nd. Broadbent. Eby. May.

RossK said...

Thanks AB--