Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Mr. Falcon's Cone Of Silence Finally Lifts...

...After A Mere Seven Years.

From Bethany Lindsay's recent CBC VanRE report that has gotten some local Lotuslandian play today:

...Former B.C. Liberal finance minister Kevin Falcon acknowledges there were signs of an imbalance while he was in office in 2011 and 2012.

He remembers visiting Asia to promote the province's credit rating to the world, and hearing stories about how huge sums of money were flowing out of China and into the housing markets of major cities.

"I remember saying to staff, we need to take a harder look at this," Falcon told CBC News.

"I wish in some ways I'd hung around, because I think there were some policy things that maybe we could have considered earlier."...

Nevermind the 'hanging around' bit, which didn't happen when Mr. Falcon made like a Snowman in July after he was knee-capped by the Klout Klub in a leadership race that was (much) later essentially given a clean bill of health by the Dean of the Legislative press gang.

Because, regardless...

If he really was 'concerned' Falcon could have just said something back in 2011 to help force the issue, right?

Thing is...

I can't help but cast my mind back a further five years and wonder if something like the following might have influenced the good former minister's thinking while he was in office and simultaneously workin' it, hard, for the GordCo, Inc. fundraising machine:

Forests and Range Minister Rich Coleman has long had a reputation for being one of the biggest wheels in the provincial Liberal's fundraising machine. But Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon seems to have become quite a big cog himself. Earlier this month, the Surrey-Cloverdale MLA held a fundraiser aboard Concord Pacific Group Inc. president Terry Hui's yatch The Azure - which became a front row seat at the Celebration of Light. The ticket price for those attending the August 2 event: $3,000...


The above quote comes from Sean Holman's invaluable Public Eye Online archives...At the time, I wrote about this in a somewhat larger 'big money comes to Lotusland'



West End Bob said...

"drf" and I think of bird-man falcon every time we travel on one of his poorly-designed entrance/exit ramps off of the South Frasier Perimeter Road. Always on the lookout for an overturned semi. Also whenever we use the Translink Compass Card.
Wonder how many $$$s he received for those ill-conceived debacles ? ? ? ?

LOVED this, BTW, RossK: Mr. Falcon made like a Snowman in July

heh, heh . . . .

Lew said...

The CBC reporter owes us more reporting. Who in Asia told Falcon about huge sums of money flowing out of China into housing markets? As Finance Minister, did he have a duty to inform Cabinet about that information, and did he inform appropriately? Which staff did he ask to take a hard look at it, and did they inform his successor? Did he at least inform the minister responsible for housing, who also retained responsibility for oversight of money laundering in casinos at the time?

I’m sure Mr. Falcon would have been happy to answer those questions had he been asked.

Anonymous said...

got an itch eh ?
whos the snowman ?
did he have to get preapproval to talk?

North Van's Grumps said...


You just had to bring back the great journalist Sean Holman and his Public Eye Online eg. Loose Fish - February 18, 2011

Using your link and then trying to find other tidbits of information via Public Eye Online, and then receiving "404" messages try this link for all of his postings going back to 2003 clawed back from 404 via the WayBack Machine

davemj said...

It's really scary the likes of Falcon, Clark etc are crawling from under their rocks making public appearances statements even Smarty pants ace reporter is yapping off Geeze people stay on top of these parasites! I get itchy just thinking of them.

RossK said...


Re: The Falcon and The Snowman reference...

Always fun to think that you and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to such things.

Come to think of it, should probably try to get more Van the Man references in as well.


Excellent points Lew.

It's amazing to me how easily fine folks like Mr. Falcon can be washed clean.

(of course, this type of thing, much more than fake news and data scraping, are the real reason we end up with the political resurrection of people like Doug Ford)



I think Mr. Falcon is working for bluer power.



When it comes to the true history of the reign of GordCo, Inc's terror I will always defer to the fine works and chronicle of Mr. Holman.

Good point about using the Wayback machine - thanks.



Luckily we have memories and we can use them!