Saturday, May 19, 2018

What Goes Around Comes Around (And Around)...


Remember that bit of perceived conflictyness scorned in the wake of calls for an inquiry into then Premier C. Clark's super-secret cash-fuelled meet-ups with big dollar donors back in 2016?

"...(Conflict Commissioner Paul Fraser told Opposition MLA David) Eby it is well past the time when the career choices of one family member should compromise the aspirations of others..."

Well, it turns out that was a bit of a reversal of the following acknowledgement of a potential for perceived conflictyness that occurred in the wake of calls for an inquiry into then GordCo, Inc. member C. Clark's cabinet comings and goings during the run-up to the BC Rail sale/not sale back in 2012:

...Last week, Mr. van Dongen questioned (Conflict Commissioner) Mr. (Paul) Fraser’s impartiality, saying there was a “reasonable apprehension of bias” because the conflict commissioner’s son is connected to Ms. Clark’s government.

In a statement Tuesday, Mr. Fraser maintained that his son’s career did not inhibit his ability to handle the matter, but said the perception of bias could not be ignored...

Anyway, it is now 2018, and the following, as noted by Bob Mackin on the Twittmachine, is a bit of status-quoism that is pretty hard for me, an avowed D. Eby fan from way back, to ignore:

Need more historical context that apparently begins somewhere somewhere in that middle period between the origin days of the BC Rail deal and Mr. Dongen's call for an inquiry?... Well, there is...This.
And, yes, I do have a memory that I can't shut off regardless the current party (and/or coalition) in power.



Lew said...

It is no surprise to me that Mr. Fraser has been reappointed. He could never have been appointed initially and then serially reappointed since without the support of the NDP.

What has surprised me regarding the NDP in general and Mr. Eby in particular since the NDP has been in government is the betrayal of trust.

From Mr. Eby’s letter 2013 letter:

“We can also start the hard work at home to fight back with the truth.”

“I hope you, in your community, will find your local fight for truth. Because only the truth will defeat the kind of systematic dishonesty we saw during this campaign.”

The NDP has since refused (in cowardly fashion) to search for the truth in the BC Rail payoff after promising an inquiry to find it. In fact Mr. Eby is happily, hypocritically, and warmly curled up beside the man who authored the payoff and accepts his deputized advice on matters of law. The NDP demonstrably did not tell the truth when proffering an excuse for proceeding with the Site C project and Mr. Eby wrote an explanatory letter to his constituents about the decision that has been soundly debunked by many experts on the subject.

I can’t trust anyone who treats the search for truth as a part-time job.

Keith. said...

Lew's last para.

"The NDP has since refused (in cowardly fashion) to search for the truth in the BC Rail payoff after promising an inquiry to find it."

Probably all part of the same principle of; " if we don't look to hard at previous mugging of the public or province, when the shoe is on the other foot, the same principle applies."

A bit off topic, but one from Les Leyne in 19 May Times Colonist we can add to the overall disappointment.

e.a.f. said...

It says he has been re appointed "Acting". Let us all hope Mr. Eby has him in the position on a really, really temporary basis. that guy is one person who needs to leave that position. Surely there is some one in the Country or from Australia who could fill the position, surely, please let there be some one else.

Wonder if Mr. Eby sought the advise of Mr. Meggs. Its a bad idea and Meggs in my opinion is full of them.

The voters of this province voted for change and hence the N.D.P. and Greens. If Mr. Eby doesn't provide that "change" perhaps he is interested in being a one term government with little to show for it.

Anonymous said...

This song may be for 1 or more poli people ,in BC,in the last 16 years.