Sunday, May 31, 2015

I Hear Johnny Cash...

...Died Of A Broken Heart.

The note, above, was written by Mr. Cash a couple of months after his partner June passed away.

A couple of months later Johnny was gone too.

Which brings me to a very fine tune that you may not have heard before (but most definitely should) by Kelley McRae...

Ms. McRae's original version, done with her partner Matt Casteline, is fantastic...And like Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray, McRae and Casteline went all in awhile back when they sold everything, quit their day jobs, bought themselves a (notso)VW Microbus and spent a year on the road playing music full time...You can go listen to (and buy some) of their great stuff...Here.
Johnny's note above first showed up in his son John's coffee table book and then later (of course) over at 'Letters of Note'...
As for the PoliMedia-Blogging?...I'm just real busy with the science geek stuff at the moment developing a new project which means lots of work-related reading time that can't be devoted to (wasted?) fisking the usual suspects...I'll get back to it soon...Maybe.