Wednesday, December 27, 2023

We're On Our Way To Summer!

The two E's have headed back across the Salish Sea and, suddenly, we're in that weird lag between Christmas and New Year's.

I was down at Albert Head this morning with the Whackadoodle II - tide too high and the swells too big for much of a beach walk.


Soon we will all have made it through December, Merle Haggard's version or otherwise.

Which means we will soon be on our way to summer!

Two things I hope to figure out in 2024...
What is the real driving force behind Ken Sim's' determination to kibosh the City of Vancouver Parks Board (with, it would appear, tacit provincial Dipper approval)?...And...Is there some sort of super secret agent mannish-type plan to melt the faces of the two leaders to force-fuse the Soccer Party with the provincial Whackaloons?


Saturday, December 23, 2023

If It's December 23rd, It Must Be...

...Time To Start The Christmas Shopping.

When my two brothers and I were kids our Dad was a long haul tugboat guy.

Which meant he was often away for three weeks at a time.

Which was crummy.

But when he was home it was fantastic.


It meant that he often didn't get home until a few days before Christmas.

Which meant that there was a whole lot of madness and last minute shopping going on the last couple of days before SantaFest.

One year, we didn't get the tree until the last minute.

In my memory the snow began to fall before we headed out the door on our way to the tree lot just past up past the old Oak Bay theatre.

Later, after much deliberating and branch twirling, the three of us carried the decidedly not Charlie Brownish Douglas fir, horizontally, all the way home.

It was one of the most fun things I can remember from our (mostly) pretty good childhood times.

Coming back to the present...

We came over to the Republic of VanIsle on one of the Spirits yesterday afternoon.

Because, as you may have already deduced, I avoid the KrautRock ferries if at all possible

The boat was not crowded and the sailing was quite pleasant.

The Whackadoodle II and littler e. were with us.

Bigger E. is coming over this morning.

We will pick her up and then head downtown.

Given HellTerm 3000, and all that entailed for the first three weeks of December, I will be pretty much starting my Christmas shopping this morning.

Just like old times!

My youngest brother,
the real musician in the family, turned 60 (very) recently...Last night, while we watched one of those empty-arena pre-World Junior games, I asked my Dad how it felt to have three kids who are all in their seventh decade...He guffawed.
For those who liked his stuff (and C. is crazy for it)...You can listen to pretty much all of Stuart McLean's Christmas stories, stacked on top of each other....Here.


Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Apres Moi, The Deluge (Of Marking)...


HellTerm 3000 is now officially over.

Except, of course, for the Mountains of Marking still left to conquer.


What is this thing called 'Christmas shopping' that everyone is talking about, exactly?

As for the title of the post...
While I was initially thinking of ol' King Louis of Paiement fame, I had forgotten that a sodden and by then almost gone Kerouac had used the same title in his final rant/essay against the hippy hippies, etc...


Saturday, December 02, 2023

Day 89...The Wordwork Project.


Awhile back, reader Nick S got me thinking...

About how few things are permanent and truly lasting in our lives.

An exception to that rule of thumb?

I made the little cabinet, above, in 1973 during grade 9 woodwork.

That's fifty years ago now.


Today, the little cabinet went into the rental van with the rest of littler e's possessions, all of which are now safe and sound in her new Rhoda Morgensternish studio apartment tucked into the very tippy-top of one of those big old houses off Commercial Drive.

Imagine that!

Only five days left in HellTerm...