Thursday, October 26, 2023

Day 52...My Morning Ride


Full on woolies this morning for the first time this fall.

Frost on car windows and the leaves but not, luckily, on the pavement.

Only 42 days to go.


Saturday, October 21, 2023

Day 47.


Today, a Saturday, is day 47 of 94.

Which means I am now lucky enough to be halfway through a cursed, nine circle deep academic term that even the likes of the Miss Trunchbull and/or Donald Sutherland in Animal House could not possibly imagine.

And all of that is made worse by the fact that the Orioles are out and I despise every single team still remaining in the baseball playoffs*.

But no matter.

This morning, the Whackadoodle II and I went down to our favourite spot where the river meets the sea.

And it was fun.

Now though?


There are a slew of abstracts to mark, a thesis to edit, and lectures to write while that manuscript I really should be working on sits waiting.

Hopefully it won't be another 47 days.

Before I get back to that manuscript I mean.

*And, just to be crystal clear...
Not even Bochy and Kyle Seager can redeem the detestable Rangers for me...Same goes double for Dusty Baker and the stinking Astros.
And, just to be double secret probation crystal clear...I brought this all on myself by agreeing to stuff a long time ago that I shouldn't have without letting some other stuff go...