Thursday, September 25, 2008

And Mr. Cherniak, When They Come For Thee....?


This is no laughing matter.

Mr. Jason Cherniak is, in my opinion, a Liberal operative.

Once, not so long ago, Mr Cherniak smeared Olivia Chow, repeatedly.

And he long justified that smear because he said that, despite the fact that it was based upon on an unsubstantiated rumour, that that rumour itself was 'out there' and therefore Ms. Chow's reputation was fair game.

Finally, however, after much pressure from the progressive side of the bloggodome, Mr. Cherniak relented and apologized in what, in my opinion, was an unrepentant and argumentative manner.

So, since that time I have rarely visited his blog, and I have refrained from commenting there, or here, on his 'activities'.

But yesterday, what Mr. Cherniak did was beyond the pale when he smeared Ms. Chow's partner, Mr. Jack Layton.

Which, in and of itself, is no big deal, because Jack is a big boy who can take care of himself.

Instead, what I cannot countenance is how Mr. Cherniak did the smearing.

Specifically, he accused Mr. Layton of being guilty of something ridiculous by means of a very loose association.

To wit:

I'm not so sure. Clearly (NDP candidate) Ms. Collins needs to respond to that question personally (having to do with her association with 9/11 conspiracy theorists). Perhaps Jack Layton can explain why he is good friends with the leader of the movement in Canada, Barry Zwicker.....

Mr. Cherniak then pointed us towards a video which he says 'proves' his point regarding Mr. Layton's guilt-by-association.


Now , smearing people based on who their friends and/or associates are, and/or who their friends and associates might be, is the lowest of the low.

And I could go into many long expositions regarding 'regimes' that have done so to the great detriment of liberal (yes, 'l'iberal) democracy.

Instead, however, I will attempt to make my point via a "hypothetical scenario" directed towards Mr. Cherniak, as if I were commenting to the most offensive blog post in question:

Mr. Cherniak--

Friends and associates?

What's the matter, were there no unsubstantiated rumours floating around 'out there' that you could use for your blog-by-smearing this time around?

But never mind all that because I think, perhaps, you may wish to consider where this type of despicable activity may ultimately lead 'hypothetically'....... two, or maybe even three, election cycles from now.

For example.....

What will you, Mr. Cherniak, do when 'Kay McMillions', the newly minted Minister for Cultural Purity, comes after you during your first run for Parliament in 2016 because she has just discovered that you, Mr. Cherniak, were once a reasonably close friend (ie. you were seen sitting at the same pub table with six other young Liberals two Thursday nights in a row) with that good looking young fellow who also just happened to be the treasurer of the campus GBLT club when you were both undergraduates together, oh those so many years ago?


Now, I would have very much liked to put this directly to Mr. Cherniak in the comment thread to the blog post in question. Unfortunately, he has, so far, chosen not to post the message I sent, which was very similar to what I have written above. OK?


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