Saturday, September 06, 2008

If He Wasn't A Liberal....

....What The Heckfire Was He?

Well, well, well.

My Member of Parliament is stepping down for all the usual reasons.......blah, blah, blah, nosebleeds, blah, blah, blah, blah......

But that doesn't mean Mr. David Emerson is in any way chastened, as he told the soon to be non-existent CBC yesterday:

"I think I had a good shot at winning."

Which, of course, is laughable on its face, and could be easily trumpeted as so if any reporter/interviewer/commentator would bother to go below the surface (and/or if any editor/producer would let them).

But never mind reporters and editors and such because this unchallenged bit of codswallop was actually uttered on the Puffmaster Flash's drive time radio show out here in Lotusland yesterday morning.


Some folks 'round here, people like Mike Watkins, actually remember the January 2006 federal election campaign.

It was was the campaign where Mr. Emerson ran as the Liberal in our (still kinda/sorta) working class neighbourhood of Vancouver Kingsway (a neighbourhood, by the way, in which he does not live).

After he won that election locally he, Mr. Emerson, said the following about the scary, scary guy who won the election federally:

"I would like to be Stephen Harper's worst nightmare."

Now, here's the thing......

In 2004, Mr. Emerson also ran in Vancouver Kingsway.

As a Liberal.

And he won that time out too.

Which must mean that Mr. Emerson is a pretty popular guy around these here parts, eh?

Well, that is debatable.

What is not debatable, however, is the fact that a conservative, which Mr. Emerson now most undeniably is, has not won in this riding since 1958.

Oh, and regarding old promise from Mr. Emerson about becoming the Mr. Harper's worst nightmare.....

Well, there are more than a few folks out here in Vancouver Kingsway that would like Mr. Emerson to finally fulfill that promise on Oct 14th, 2008.

After all, Mr. Emerson has just signed on to become Mr. Harper's campaign co-chair for the next five weeks.

Thus, we can only hope he screws that job us badly as he did when he negotiated the softwood lumber agreement that royally screwed all the people in this riding and this province (and Ontario and Quebec too, battleground provinces all) who work, or more likely 'worked', in the forest industry for a living*.


*As opposed to those that collect big, fat forest industry 'entitlement' cheques dropped down to them by golden parachute every month.


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