Saturday, September 27, 2008

Glows In The Dark 'Cause It's Iridescent...


Everybody has a Newman moment, I'm sure.

When I was a kid it was when he was sitting amongst that row of lopped-off parking meters at the beginning of Cool Hand Luke.

Later, when I spent a whole lot of time watching late night movies on the TeeVee (remember when they had those, before all this 1-900 'Call Me' crap), it became a throw away scene from Hud when Mr. Paul is getting his mail or something......He's a little dissolute.....and because his hands are suddenly full, he doesn't know what to do with his beer can so he tucks it under his chin. Now, everytime I have a can of beer in my hands, especially if I want to look (or even feel) cool, I think about doing that.


And, oh ya, sometimes in my darkest of dark times I figure I'd like to be just a cynical as the Newman character in WUSA. But later I realized that that had more to do with Robert Stone than Mr. Paul.


And don't forget, as Ms. Hamsher points out, Mr. Newman did a heckfire lot of good stuff for the progressive side when he wasn't acting.


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