Friday, July 31, 2009

Canadian Neurosurgeon Says....


....He's never seen or heard of a death from a Rathke's cyst.

On the other hand, Ms. Shona Holmes, who we have now unequivocally established was unfortunately afflicted with such a cyst, said the following when she acted as a willing shill for the Canadian Healthcare Haters' Club, Inc., or, as she likes to call it, the 'cause':

"I survived a brain tumour......But if I had relied on my government for healthcare, I'd be dead."


Here's the the thing....

The neurosurgeon quoted above, Michael Schwartz of Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, also told CBC News that:

"....symptoms can be alleviated if the cyst is drained or part of it removed to take pressure off the optic nerve. "Then the person's vision almost always improves."

"If somebody called me about a patient that was losing her vision or had a structural abnormality of the brain I would see them within days."

That last point is important to consider when one is dealing with the constantly shifting claims of the serial obfuscators running the Haters' Club Inc./'The Cause', because Ms. Holmes has also claimed that even when she came back from the Mayo clinic with her diagnosis that she was told she would still have to face a long wait to see a specialist and/or receive surgery.

Here is how the Toronto Star reported the story, and the claims in Sept of 2007:

"....(Ms.) Holmes began losing her vision in March 2005, she told a press conference at Queen's Park yesterday. An MRI in May 2005 revealed a tumour in her brain. Her family doctor couldn't expedite appointments booked with specialists for July 19 and Sept. 19, 2005. As the tumour pressed on her optic nerves, her vision deteriorated. Afraid to wait any longer, she went to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Within a week she met three specialists and was told she had a fluid-filled sac growing near her pituitary gland at the base of her brain. They urged her to have it taken out immediately. She went home with the hopes of quickly removing what is known as a Rathke's cleft cyst.

Unable to get surgery fast, she returned to Arizona and had the mass removed on Aug. 1, 2005. Her vision was restored in 10 days. The Holmes family is now in debt $95,000 because of medical costs."....

So, was there a screw-up about a referral after she came back from the Mayo that prevented a visit with a specialist prior to the previously scheduled July 19th date?

Or, or was there a consultation with a specialist before that?


Could a more precise timeline provide some answers?

Now where, I wonder, could one find such a timeline......?

(potential answers coming soon)

Thanks, again, to pale at 'A Creative Revolution', once again for being way out in front of this story.
Please note: This is an updated version of the original post that did not have the speculation about a more precise timeline at the end..... Why?...... Because at the time I wrote the original post I did yet have a document, now safely stored on my hard drive, that has just such a timeline buried within it on pp 24-28 of 29.


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