Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RailGate Reverberating.....Mr. Mason Cometh....


Most importantly, Mr. Mason has asked the key person (presumably) responsible what happened to the RailGate Emails, and he has gotten no response from.....

"....Ben Stewart, minister responsible for Citizens' Services, which oversees the government department managing information technology. (An aide said the minister just didn't want to discuss the issue.)..."

Nor will anyone else involved.

Discuss the issue, I mean:

"....For the record, here are those who refused to discuss the matter or even respond to interview requests:...


....Rosemarie Hayes, the woman in charge of the e-mail service for government and the author of the affidavit that blew the lid off the story about the May records' destruction. (She has not responded to numerous messages left on her phone.)

Sue Goldsmith, Ms. Hayes's predecessor, who understands how the electronic storage system works as well as anyone and whose name surfaced in the Hayes affidavit.

Lee Johnson, an official at EDS Advanced Solutions, the company contracted by government to destroy the records requested by the defence. He was dealing with Ms. Hayes regarding the order to destroy the government information that the defence was seeking in the corruption trial.

It would appear people have either gone into hiding voluntarily or been ordered there by the Premier's office, which controls all messaging during times of crisis. Either way, the government's handling of this matter is disgraceful and shows nothing but contempt for the related concerns of B.C. citizens....."

So, never mind the already long-gone-and-forgotten Wally Oppal, because this is one mother of a giant Stonewall that even the way-done-gone-longer John Mitchell would be proud of.



I wonder.....

Is is it even remotely possible that Mike de Jong's partner's nickname is Martha by any chance?


Not possible.

Because, unlike this obfuscatory madness, a coincidence of that magnitude would be just plain crazy.


And for those keeping score and/or making side bets at home, I was off on the arrival of this particular Mason missive by 2 hr 27 minutes on the highside.
Oh, and just to take things one step Mary Prankster Bus...If Mr. Mason knows that Ms. Goldsmith's name was in the Hayes affidavit, what else does he know that he hasn't told us yet?


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