Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who, Precisely, Ordered The Destruction Of The RailGate Tapes?


Who, indeed.

Perhaps some enterprising proMedia reporter would like to call up Rosemarie Hayes' boss and ask him.


You all remember Ms. Hayes don't you?

If not, here's a reminder......She's the director of the provincial government's 'Messaging and Collaboration Services'.

Still doesn't ring a bell?

Well how about this....She's also the very fine public servant who told the outsourced InfoTech storage company, EDS, to destroy those tapes with all the RailGate E-mails on them.



Who, precisely ordered Ms. Hayes to send that order to EDS, in May of 2009, in the middle of a hotly contested election campaign in which the proMedia was obsessed with how much fuel Carole James' float plane used and which of Gordon Campbell's relatives were travelling on a campaign bus that he wasn't even on because he was scared the public might find him on it?


Presumably, again, Ms. Hayes' boss might have an inkling of that who would be.

So, who is that, exactly?

Ms. Hayes' boss, mean?

Well, that would be the Minister responsible for 'Messaging and Collaboration Services'.

Which is a very fine fellow named Ben Stewart.

And what Ministry is it that Mr. Stewart is running, exactly?

Why, that would be the Ministry of Citizens’ Services and Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism and .........Wait for it............

.....The Public Affairs Bureau....

Imagine that!

Oh, and as for the 'It just costs too much to save all those ol' bits and bytes' defense.... Well, Miro Cernetig pretty much destroys that one in his VSun piece today.....Unless, of course, $129 is just too rich for a Ministry to spend that has 220+ full time PAB staffers doing, well.......What, precisely, for the people of British Columbia?
To put all those PAB staffers, and the relative cost of their non-concrete usefulness into perspective, don't forget that the Province of British Columbia currently has just 10 full time Park Rangers.... Yes, just 10!......And no, Mr Good, I'm not making that up either.
Oh, and speaking of the good Mr. Good....I could have sworn that he had his own little Creme de la Creme moment this morning when he berated Frances Bula over the ridiculous notion of the possibility of homeless shelters in....Gasp!..... Vancouver's 'upper middle class neighbourhoods'.....


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