Friday, July 31, 2009

Willing Member Of The Canadian Healthcare Haters' Club, Inc. Fears For Her Dog's Life


Yes, that's right. Ms. Shona Holmes' just told the Globe and Mail that:

"....She's increased security at her home and even given the family dog to her daughter, because of threats that her lawn will be poisoned....."


Given Ms. Holmes' willingness to act repeatedly act as a shill, paid or otherwise, for a group of fine folks down south who have demonstrated a propensity to peddle demonstrable falsehoods:

Does she have any actual evidence that someone is trying to poison her dog?

If there is such evidence I, as someone who has been very, very concerned by the way her personal story has been used as a means to obfuscate by the Healthcare Haters' Club, Inc., both north and south of the border, will immediately denounce any and all such egregious and despicable behavior.

And if there is no such evidence? .....Well.......I await the Globe's explanation as to why they have published such an accusation given that the only explicit examples of criticism of Ms. Holmes and her actions given in their story are: ".....a torrent of vitriol in the media and blogosphere, accusing Ms. Holmes of lying about her health and turning her back on the Canadian health-care system. On Facebook, a group called "Lets deport Shona Holmes" is littered with messages decrying her as "a liar and a traitor" who should "move to the U.S. if you like it so much.", none of which support the contention of threats of her lawn being poisoned or that 'There's been death threats on me', as has she also claimed in the piece.
So, did Ms. Holmes' herself obfuscate about a cyst that very, very rarely causes death? Well....Please feel free to watch the first ten seconds of the following Haters' Club Inc. produced and financed commercial and you decide.
Audry has more, on what looks to be maybe a kinda/sorta almost/not quite orchestrated pushback campaign.



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