Thursday, June 09, 2011

Are We All Canucks....errrr...Cronies Now?


Last night the newly minted Premier of this province who, it turns out (surprise!) now owes the big bossman of (formerly)BC's Rail a debt of fully indemnified gratitude, told a crowd of 1600 rabidly twittering faithful that those hundreds of thousands of British Columbians that want to get rid of her duplicitous HST are nothing but "cronies" of the Leader of the Opposition.


Count me in.

But what about those fine folks that are doing their best to run (formerly)BC's Ferries into the ground?

Are they, as Paul Willcocks has discovered by making like Izzy Stone and reading the public record, cronies too?

"On July 1, 2010, the harmonized sales tax (HST) became effective, combining the existing 7% provincial sales tax with the 5% federal goods and services tax (GST) into a single tax of 12%. We expect this tax to add approximately $5 to $6 million annually to the cost of our operations. The HST will also increase the price to our customers for our food and certain retail offerings....."




Anonymous said...

Christy Clark's family's first droning, is getting tiresome. It is family's first, that get nailed the hardest by the HST.

Campbell cloned Falcon's lies are getting tiresome too. The HST is the worst tax scam on the BC people, ever known in BC. BC is a province of natural resources. The HST does nothing for the BC citizens, what-so-ever. It was just a scam of, Campbell, Hansen and Harper, to thieve from the people, to give to big business.

Two of BC's chain restaurants, Mr. Mikes and The Pantry have closed their doors, the HST killed them too. I hope the HST has jobs for those who have lost their restaurant jobs, because of the HST. I hope the HST has jobs for the mill workers who will be laid off too. These are Christy's family's first people.

Where is the trickle down money, Campbell and Hansen promised, from big businesses, who have saved a bundle of money, off the BC citizens backs? Well, the HST money ripped off the BC people pays for, new vehicles, bigger bonuses and renovations, for big businesses. While, the BC people are losing their vehicles and homes.

So now, we are ripped off by, the HST, gas prices, food costs 15% higher, hydro going up 53% more, my house insurance, $140.00 higher. The HST has caused much higher prices, to replace homes burned, or whatever. Condo fees are up, trailer pad rents, up. All the HST has done, is drive up the costs of living.

Why don't Harper and his BC Liberal Cons cut the crap, and say it the way it really is? The HST is a lying scam.

Ian said...

Nice catch Paul, through you RossK. And how about that David MacLean? Shouldn't be a surprise with Patrick Kinsella raising cash for her.