Saturday, June 04, 2011

Why Did Harold Snepts Wear #27 Anyway?

My oldest kid, the one with the virtuoso voice who can make even her laryngeally-challenged Dad sound good, had her high school graduation yesterday.

She won a gold medal.

Even better, she let fly with a wicked quote from that crazy, deaf musical genius who muttered something about comedies being done and the applause just beginning.

Right at the very end of the piece.



There were a whole lotta young, fresh faces in the Grad-Class crowd all raring to go.

And go they will.

But few will go as far, with so little, as did young Harry pictured above.

And while many of them did have fresher faces than the then still callow Mr. Snepts, very few of them could match this particular visage.

Thanks to our good friend Mr. Beer 'N Hockey for pointing out the fleetingest of numerically connecting foxes between young Harry and the forever younger young Bobby.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Love the clean boards behind the clean shaven killer.

Anonymous said...

Lol, i was expecting more about the happenings in Ottawa that have riled the Harpercrites and their supporters on the net as well as senator Mcduffy....i.e the heroic actions of a lowly 21 year old franco-manitoban page on the senate floor. The CON machine and the friendly corporate media outlets were taken by surprise.

BC Mary said...


Big WHOOP for Bigger E on her Gold Medal,

and h.s. graduation.

Happy thoughts.

RossK said...


Wonder who made him shave. As for the boards - are you saying you don't like the Viagra ads?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Viagra ads do kind of stick out.

Laila Yuile said...

Congratulations to Big E, and to both you and your wife RossK !! She has a long,lovely future ahead of her,and I look forward to seeing what lies ahead...

Anonymous said...

Rocket Richard #9
Gordie Howe #9
Bobby Hull #9

3 X 9 = 27

RossK said...


Is that you LG?

As you may have noticed when I got all snippy during the strat-voting business, I had to take a little break from all that for my sanity.

Thanks Mary and Laila!

btw, for anyone who hasn't read Laila's post about her kid's recent graduation, it's a keeper.


RossK said...


Holy Doodles....The Holy Trinity!

I guess that explains it, eh?