Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Never Mind The Bomber....Bring On The Italian Stallion


Update: OK, maybe they should have inserted both into the line-up....Interesting watching/listening to entire HNIC crew ignore the long, intense boos for Bettman during trophyfest.


With the Canucks defense corps turning to swiss cheese and/or swedish chard, has it really come down to Nolan Baumgartner?

The Province's last decent wordsmith left standing, Jason Botchford, has that story:

You knew right away Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault wasn't in the mood to be telling the truth.

Asked how many players are hurt on his team Tuesday, he said: "Everybody is fine."

Sure. Take that for what's it worth, and it's not much. Vigneault also said both Alex Edler and Andrew Alberts, who left Game 6 early, "will be fine."

Does that mean they'll be fine today or next week?

His suggestion was clearly that both Alberts and Edler are expected to play.

That's great news for the Canucks, if true, because the other options were among the black aces Tuesday - Keith Ballard and Nolan Baumgartner are not ideal.....

Now, as you may have surmised, I'm all for journeymen getting their brief, shining moments in the sun.

But if it has come to this, why not got whole hog and bring in a real horse for the closing, one who just missed his only real shot the first time around back when that damnable towel waving was actually invented.

Because, despite all that, Bob Manno can still only be a year or two older than Dino Recchi.

And then there is that small matter of the casts.....



Anonymous said...
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RossK said...

Troll removal above.


CathiefromCanada said...

Well, they tried to be the best team they could be, but couldn't penetrate Thomas this time. Still, they made it into a great series. Hope none of the family was caught in the riot.

Anonymous said...

It seems clear that they were all tired or injured.

Bad passes, uncoordinated skirmishes, stupid mistakes.

Great series but now we know that you can't burn out or take an injury when you are going all the way. Be careful out there guys!

I have a comment about the so-called riot or riots here.

- Jonku

RossK said...

Thanks Cathie - no, we were all fine....Bigger E. was with friends but they were smart enough to stay out of downtown...littler e. was with me and the whackadoodle up at Queen Elizabeth Park playing in the fountain.

Me, I was just playing...this days I can't seem to lay off the Zevon...latest obsession is this one.

Which may be ironic this morning, or not....I dunno...The really crummy thing about all this is that things had been going so well....

(and re: the irony....I'm talking about the 'village idiot' being up all night long line)



I agree, blueline decimated...Kesler clearly hurt and maybe one of twins as well....still, neither of the latter didn't come through when the going got tough...

Now, as for the goalie thing...really tough not to revel in the triumph of a longtime tryer like Thomas vs. the other guy...

Off to read your account of the riot now - thanks again.