Friday, June 10, 2011

Where Have All The Casts Gone?


The other night I noticed it while watching Ryan Kesler closely to see if he really is injured.

And while I couldn't tell if there is something actually wrong with either the major or the minor of one of his adductors I did notice the flip-flopping of the boot.

His skate boot that is.

And then I had a look at a whole lotta players, that behemoth Chara included.

And it turns out almost all of them have the flipping and the flopping going on all over the place - especially when they're into that damnable stop-and-start-back-and-forth-fake-soccer-style cycle game.


I dunno if I could even begin to play hockey without about 236 feet of white, 1.5 inch wide surgical tape wrapped around each of my ankles.

Don 'Beaver Cleaver' Lever, with full orthopaedic assists, above....And that's only because I couldn't find a good picture of Bob Manno's uber-casts.



Tim said...

Technological change, Ross. The skate boots are more rigid, which means they don't need the tape you might have needed with those old leather boots. And blades hold a sharpening better, which means skates don't need to be as up-and-down as in the old days. Don't listen to Don Cherry: better equipment has made the game better.

RossK said...

Thanks Tim.

Technology.... I suppose in this case you may be right...Does that mean I should get rid of the cable-based bindings on my skis too?

But then again....All those new-fangled composite sticks that keep blowing up...I presume they're way better too?