Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why Does Everyone Hate World Cup Sockey So Much?


A couple of days ago the Globe's M. Sekeres helped fan the flames of this 'Everyone Hates The Canucks' meme by dropping logs like the following into the non-stop chat show fire:

...On the Jim Rome radio show, former Ottawa Senators president Roy Mlakar said the only Canadians rooting for Vancouver reside in B.C., while Edmonton Oilers defenceman Ryan Whitney went on a Boston radio station last week and said: “This team is so easy to hate it is unbelievable ... I’d say that 90 per cent of the guys in the league want nothing to do with seeing them win.”...


While I would agree that all their weasel words, finger-waving, diving, and silly taunting do make the Canucks hard to like, it would appear that the real problem may actually be what the game itself has become.

After all, when you have three hundred and sixty-two on-ice, in-building and on-line officials lined up, in spades, to throw the collective library at every single inconsequential love tap that might interrupt the stupid stretch pass and/or the damnable cycle that have turned the game into a weird hybrid of long-ball soccer and half-court basketball, I would argue that a team like the current brand of Canucks is what you are very likely going to get in the winner's circle


Because all those on-ice/in-building/on-line officials would never, ever let someone who was being harassed by a Lapierreish pest on the ice take care of things themselves, and put an end to all the codswallop, pronto.

Like, say, this....


Jymn, over at LFR, has another hypothesis.



Jymn said...

The Canucks are at the mercy of a self loathing media based in Toronto. Look at Cathal Kelly's daily misleading headlines on the front page of The Star - today's - "Another reason to hate Luongo". This return to our pre-Chretien feeling of 'we're inferior to the US' is just plain sad. It's a sad statement but it is the media which is fanning these flames. The Bruins are not saints - they have done vicious things this series too - but nobody is criticizing them. When you have virtually every Canuck made a villain, something is wrong with the message.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Those Bobby/Rosie fights were a beauty.

RossK said...

Jymn -

Fair enough...linked to you at bottom of post as an alternative explanation



Note Bobby's Schmautzian laying on of the lumber just prior to the dropping of the gloves.....

Which, of course, is the real thing - instead of jawing and diving and face washing, etc. you just made the bastard really pay if he took liberties....

That is all gone now.