Monday, June 27, 2011

The Media Are The Messengers


Last week, when we followed up on a report from Sean Holman (sorry Sean, had it as JFowlie in the original post), aghast, about what appeared to be a made-up-on-the-spot patronage appointment for former media maven Pamela Martin, a commenter mentioned that Ms. Clark had already locked-up Chris Olsen 'on her side' as her press secretary.

Well, it turns out that Rebecca Scott is Clarksville's deputy press secretary.

And Ms. Scott is also married to Stephen Smart.

Yes, that Stephen Smart, CBC-TV's legislative reporter.


Why, we, and others, must ask has the CBC not yet reassigned the good Mr. Scott?

Or is it possible that, in its new incarnation, the potential for even perceived conflictyness means nothing whatsoever to the Mother Corp?



Steve said...

What we have is vertically integrated friends and family plan for media and government. If a liberal had a policy plan like Tim Hudaks with a $14 Billion dollar hole, it would be top of the news every day until the Lib surrendered.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It was surreal hearing Stephen Smart being "interviewed" by CBC's drive-home show last week about whether an election may or may be called this fall. Smart went on to say how he spoke with NDs who were working on nominations but the Liberals hadn't yet done anything.

Never mind CBC reassigning Mr. Smart, how about at least a public disclosure from CBC of this, ahem, arrangement and conflict of interest.

I guess they believe the public is so stupid as to accept this as totally above-board.

Tony Martinson said...

Let's not forget that a lot of the senior managers at CBC in Vancouver were pretty loyal to one Carole Taylor, formerly chair of the board at CBC and a former broadcaster herself. I'm sure no one even perceives it could possibly a conflict of interest.

As much as it stinks to high heaven, I have yet to see much evidence that Mr. Smart has shown any preference to the Liberals, such as the kind the fawning Tom Fletcher routinely bestows. Nonetheless, Mr. Smart should think long and hard about some ethical standards and asking for a different gig.

Anonymous said...

I must say that it is difficult to take Mr. (not so) Smart seriously when he is on my TeeVee pontificating about provincial political matters. I just know that he has to realize that if he takes the wife's boss to task on the air, he may face burned pork chops for dinner or WORSE!