Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reaching Out...Touching You...Touching Me...


Well whadd'ya know.

Pamela Martin is now Camp Christy's newly-minted 'Director of Outreach'.

Jonathan Fowlie of the VSun has the story:

VICTORIA -- Premier Christy Clark has hired former CTV news anchor Pamela Martin to be her new director of outreach.

Martin, who started the job on Wednesday, will make an annual salary of $130,000.

A job description for the role says Martin will develop Clark's "vision of creating open government by reaching out to British Columbians."

It also says Martin will "improve public awareness and engagement and ensure communication is a two-way conversation," and that she will "help the public's concerns be translated into action by sharing with the Premier the challenge British Columbians face navigating government."

Martin will also be expected to co-ordinate events such as town hall meetings for Clark......


Who knew we are now paying trumped-up camp counsellors $130K per year.



Anonymous said...

I guess we all expected that Pam would be rewarded for her support. So I guess we now know how much that support will cost us. I read this earlier this morning & as much as we expected this... it still makes me sick. Christy Clark's arrogance is no different than her predecessor Gordon Campbell. I guess it would be too hard to maybe just use the 20 million plus Public Affairs Bureau for such an important task as setting up Town Hall meetings or maybe one of the other assistants to her highness. So while this hypocrite talks about being different than Gordie, she feels it's important to start rewarding her cronies at a time when she scares the taxpayers into feeling guilty if we have to pay back the 1.6 billion to the Feds. What she's really saying is.. that's my money & I'll spend it the way I want.
This hypocrite has to be stopped.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stand watching Pam on the news and switched stations.

130000 a year for what?

This arrogant bunch just don't stop do they?

Unfrickin believable.

Anonymous said...

1.3 Gazebos a year for being a talking head for the government!?!

So, we have our own little Soudas with better hair and a (unjustified) pre-reputation of credibility because she was a news anchor. Anyway we get Harper to put her in the Senate with Wallin and the Puffster?

Even, assuming the role is needed, she was an anchor not a decision maker for CTV. Why on earth would she be better qualified to design an outreach program than any random fool in a Tim Horton's?

RossK said...


The folks that do the heavy-lifting at Timmy's are nobody's fools.


Tony Martinson said...

Such is the state of journalism in this province when so many of the former reporters make a smooth transition to a government position and no one bats an eye. Clark's press secretary used to be the consumer reporter at CTV - remember Olsen On Your Side? Now he's Olsen On Her Side. It is to weep.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all listened to Bill the shill this morning as he ripped Gord(surprise) Macdonald for saying Pamela \'s appointment was wrong. NW's lack of credibility just keeps climbing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what appointments Basi, Verk, Basi will get?
Brakemen, ticket-takers for BCR?

Kim said...

It's just beyond belief, that a news "personality" would so blatantly show partisanship in this way!

But then, aging female news personalities have got to stick together right? I mean, a girls gotta eat, right?

RossK said...

I was trying to figure out why they would release this on a Wednesday rather than waiting, say until next Thursday just before the long weekend.

But now that our friend Bob has sent this along, I think I can hazard a reasonable guess:

"VICTORIA, B.C.—The Harper government plans to appoint former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell as Canada’s new high commissioner to Britain, The Canadian Press has learned....."

You think any of the mainstream media monkey-cycle grinders will give a hoot-in-heckfire about the Outreacher-In-Chief story now?


cfvua said...

Maybe the new head "outreacher" will put some effort into working with Auditor General Doyle on the honesty file regarding Basi and Virk and who really approved the gag award and why. She probably will, only it won't be for release to the public. Hope fully the petition goes through and the Court lets him have the info in spite of the foolish "confidentiality agreement".

Anonymous said...

Little known fact:
As a youngster, Pamela Martin won the "Miss Teen America" beauty pageant. That was WAY before all the surgery.

Ray Blessin

West End Bob said...

Thanks for the H/T, RossK.

The BC political story keeps getting curiouser and curiouser, doesn't it?

Beginning to make me feel like I'm back in the Excited States.


That's prob'ly what they're aimin' for, isn't it?

dfd . . . .