Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RailGate Revisited: Are They Listening To What The Dean Says?


Me, I was not at all surprised to learn that the AG's office, through it's Special Prosecutor, was still fighting to keep RailGate trial documents that had been previously released to the media from getting into the hands of the Official Opposition:

"....The matter played out one day last month in front of Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie, with a lawyer from the office of the special prosecutor facing off against one representing (NDP Justice Critic Leonard) Krog.

The special prosecutor's arguments against Krog's application ranged from the merely technical to the mildly insulting. The former involved readings of various court rules, the latter ... well here's the judge's summation of the key argument from lawyer Janet Winteringham for the special prosecutor:

"The Crown opposes Mr. Krog's application for unrestricted access to the materials because Mr. Krog has not identified what he intends to do with the materials.

"Instead, the Crown proposes a two-stage process. In the first stage, Mr. Krog would be able to view the materials. The second stage would require Mr. Krog to make a second application in which he would advise of his proposed use of the materials. The Crown would then consider its position on release of the materials including whether conditions should be attached to Mr. Krog's use of the materials."...

Why wasn't I surprised?

Because, I, like a few others, have actually been paying attention since the days when Mr. Vaughn Palmer pretty much identified us all as cultists.

What did surprise me, however, was the byline on the piece quoted above.

Which was none other than that of the VSun's resident Dean himself, Mr. Palmer.

And here's the real kicker that should have Team Christy shaking in its boots, rather than shaking its pom-poms:

".....At this stage in the review, the New Democrats are scratching their heads over why the special prosecutor fought to withhold this material in the first place. One can only note that it is not the first time someone has had to go to court to gain access to information regarding this case.

Nor was it the last. Krog's experience in some ways resembles that of Auditor-General John Doyle, which will be the subject of a column later this week...."


I wonder if there is something that The Dean knows now that he didn't back when he called us cultists that has suddenly made him sit up and take notice?



harpervalley said...

I guess Palmer's world got shaken by something...reality bites, as they say.

When's this thing EVER going to end???? Trains, Plains, and Auto-deals.

RossK said...

Scout --

Personally, I reckon there are a whole lotta folks around here that are doing their very best to make sure that this always is and always will be "a never ending story".

(great to hear from you by the way!)


Anonymous said...

Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, will never go away. Especially since, Harper gave the criminal Campbell a plumb choice job as, ambassador to England. We all knew, Campbell was working for Harper. It's just they came out of the closet and made their close relationship, public knowledge. And, the Canadian people, don't like it one damned bit. How Harper could be that stupid, boggles the mind.

Several people, have sent all the information of Campbell's thefts and sales of BC's property. All his lies, to be re-elected. Also sent Campbell's, drunk mug shots.

Campbell thieved from the people of BC. He will thieve from England too. Campbell will accept all bribes. He never turns down a buck.

BC Mary said...

You say:

I wonder if there is something that The Dean knows now that he didn't back when he called us cultists that has suddenly made him sit up and take notice?

End of quote.

RossK, this is pretty much what I was saying on yesterday's posting.