Saturday, March 03, 2012

Everybody Loves A Good Graph...


...And Norm Farrell loves to make 'em out of publicly available data to make a point.


How many of those 31,000 official complaints from official Canadians to the officials at the officially sanctioned Elections Canada came from ridings where the officially central (i.e. not local) Federal Conservative Party's 'Target Seat Management Unit' was operating in 2011?

Just askin'.

And if you want simultaneously lucid and hip discussion about how databases could be manipulated by, say, war-room cool kids, to, for example, make poutine out of chopped liver, officially or otherwise, head on over to Saskboy's place for a way cool RoboMonster mash-up of a whole bunch of the dots that can be connected (so far)....
But for the best straight-up narrative that gathers in all the loose ends (and ties them up with witticisms that would make PJ O'Rourke blush back before he became a bushleague blowhard), head on over to Alison's....
And have I mentioned how five years from now, a whole lotta people just might owe commenter par excellence, Beijing York, a massive boat load of thank-yous, bon-bons, and bon-mots?.....Seriously.


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