Sunday, October 28, 2012

#BCL12 Aftermath...David Akin Fisks Lotuslandian ProMedia...

.... And Agrees With Radical Nutbar Know-Nothing Bloggers.

Yesterday we noted that our (not) Premier was making stuff up during her speech to the pom pom-waving faithful up the Condo-King highway.

We also noted that the local herd media would very likely play it straight-up.

And they did.

And David Akin noticed.

And he called a number of them out by name.

Here is Mr. Akin's lede:

On Saturday, BC Premier Christy Clark spoke to her party’s convention in Whistler, B.C. During the speech, she mentioned several times that B.C. was leading the country when it came to job creation.

For example, as the Vancouver Sun‘s Jonathan Fowlie reported, Clark said, “I’m going to run on (being) number one in job creation.” The Globe‘s Gary Mason, reporting on the speech,wrote, “As expected, there was lots of talk about recent job-creation numbers that ranked B.C. first in the country.” Dirk Meissner of the Canadian Press wrote: “She [Clark] said B.C. has created 57,000 jobs over the last year, more than any other province in Canada.”

That last claim is demonstrably false and the others are pretty wobbly too.Statistics Canada, said right here on October 5, the most recent and up-to-date snapshot of the country’s job creation numbers, that “over the last year” in B.C., there are 44,700 more full-time jobs, 15,100 fewer part-time jobs for a net gain of 29,500 more jobs. Where on earth does Clark get 57,000 new jobs created?

And, frankly, I’m a little surprised that all of these reporters just took Clark’s boast on its face rather than look it up and challenge her on the claim that that B.C is “number one in job creation.” ...

Clearly, Mr. Akin is not in the club (although, to be fair, like HST before him, he got to leave town after the fisking was done). Too bad, though, that he didn't call anybody a waterhead and/or 'Ron Obvious'. On the latter count, luckily, we still have something left to bang the keyboard for (stay tuned for that one - and yes, it does involve 'the video').

Of course, there are also all those things that her government has 'done' to the people of British Columbia over the last eleven years that Ms. Clark did NOT mention in her speech yesterday...If you've forgotten a few of those we would be happy to help jog our memory (aurally, of course) , here... 


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Anonymous said...

BC may lead Canada in job creation. Christy just forgot to mention, the jobs are for the Chinese, rather than for the citizen's of BC.

The U.S. won the contract for, the tear down of the old smelter in Kitimat. Canadians were given very few jobs. The ones that did get work, were treated like dirt by the Americans. They weren't even given safety gear. They had to breathe in Aluminum dust. They weren't give respirators, as the Americans were. Americans are also building the new smelter. Citizens will be glad to see the back end of them. Camps in Canada are supposed to be dry. Americans got a wet camp.

Some of the mines going into Northern BC are American. They will bring their own workers. Count on it.

Same as China, they already own mines in BC. They too are bringing their own. If China owns any of the new mines, they will own the jobs too.

We all know the story of the tar pits and China. All company's can hire cheap labor. Rumor has it. China will own the Enbridge pipeline. They refine the tar oil very cheaply in China, for resale. Russia signed a deal with China, they will give China all the oil they want. China has the lead in oil sales. Oil will be sold by the Chinese yaun, instead of the dollar. China expects to be the world currency, within ten years.

Gordon Campbell sold our BC resources to Red China too. He also worked for Harper, still does. So does Christy. She has been in on the Enbridge pipeline, right from day one. Boessenkool worked for Christy. He works for Harper and lobbies for Enbridge. Terry Lake said. The BC Liberals, are keeping the door wide open to Communist China.