Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The 'Not Royalties' Gambit: Preston Manning Goes To Bat For The Iron Snowbird


Remember last week when we couldn't figure out why Christy Clark was suddenly babbling incoherently and totally illogically about how her demand for a fair share of Northern Gateway revenues had nothing whatsoever to do with (or not, or maybe, or maybe not, or maybe who really knows) 'royalties'?

...“There’s a whole lot of revenue on the table (Clark said). We need to talk about how it will be split up. I’m not saying that’s royalties – I’m not.”...


It now looks like the babbling may have been a bit of advance work designed to change the channel just long enough such that the surrogates could worm their way into the CorpMedia's conventional wisdom sockets by the backdoor.

And guess who went and slithered through the optic fissure first first...

Why, none other than Preston Manning, who had this to say in his Postmedia Op-Ed today:

Conflict between B.C. Premier Christy Clark and Alberta Premier Alison Redford over the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline to the West Coast is not in the long-range interests of either province and needs to be resolved.

In July, Clark laid down five conditions for considering support of the project, including a provision that B.C. must receive a “fair share” of the fiscal and economic benefits.

Redford’s response was immediate and negative and seemed to assume B.C. was seeking a share of Alberta’s oil royalties, even though this was not the case...

It may be transparent, but that does not mean that this collusionary bit of co-operative prop-flinging is not corrosively eye-burning.


Can't remember what the 'Iron Snowbird' thing is all about?.....This, from The Globe's Rod Mickelburgh, should jog your memory.


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Anonymous said...

Harper's sellout of Canada to Communist China, has been on the books, for a very long time. Harper cheated to win the election, with his robo-call election fraud. Harper has no idea of the contempt for him, lying and cheating his way out of his election cheats. They are so blatant, even a grade seven student saw through it.

Gordon Campbell too, lied, deceived and used dirty tactics, to cheat and win his elections too. Campbell thieved and gave Red China BC's resources as well. Campbell and Harper signed dirty sneak deals behind our backs.

Christy's scam is. Gallantly fighting for her BC family's first. She is fighting hard to get BC citizens a good deal, for the Enbridge pipeline. What Christy is scamming for, is trying to dupe BC people into voting for her. What a crock. Christy has already made her deal, to sell the rest of BC to Red China. 2000 Chinese to take BC mining jobs? Really Christy? Terry Lake already said. The BC Liberals are keeping our doors wide open, for Communist China.

BC shouldn't get the hell out of Harper's Canada??? Convince me.