Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This Day In Snookland...Flying The Friendly Skies Of Air McLean


Well, well, well....

What do you know.

The very fine fellow who helped put Gordon Campbell in power and bought BC Rail fair-and-square because, of course, no fix was ever in (and no cabinet discussions were ever leaked), is now raking in the dough flying our current (not) Premier around Western Canada on his company's private jet.

Bob Mackin has the $185,000, FOI-assisted story, here.

Personally, I find this part particularly interesting/disturbing:

...Cabinet members are allowed to take charter flights if they're on government business, their destination is not adequately served by scheduled service and/or if their schedule dictates they cannot wait for a scheduled flight...

{snippety doo-dah}

...Clark made four trips in three weeks for $38,600 on Blackcomb Aviation during July 2012, including a one-day, $15,470.07 trip on July 19 to Regina and Edmonton. She met Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall during the first stop and Alison Redford, the Alberta premier, on the second. The meeting with Redford was called the "Secret Summit," because Clark was whisked in and out of the Alberta Legislature with no notice or fanfare...

Why interesting?

Well, it's not like Air Canada and WestJet don't have daily service to Edmonton and Regina.

But, then again, if it's not 'royalty' then it must be 'revenue'.

As in our revenue that was spent for shameless grandstanding.

Not governing.




Grant G said...

The Gordon Campbell connection..


Anonymous said...

Isn`t it a "bit" cheaper to fly on commercial flights.

kootcoot said...

But on regular flights Christy might be exposed to the public, and I would imagine that is somewhat frightening in an uncontrolled situation.

Her predecessor, Gordo the Capo used to sneak in and out of my area (the west/central Kootenays) because he was generally thoroughly loathed hereabouts. The last time he went to Castlegar to meet with supporters he snuck in and out of town before the mayor even knew he was coming, he (the mayor of Castlebush) felt somewhat snubbed naturally!

Anonymous said...

And Ms Clarke and company keep telling us
" there is no money"
Where in gods name are these people going? a 16,000 $ ONE DAY trip? within the province and once again the msm is almost silent on the issue or they find another story about fare evasion on sky train how the hell do we get rid of these crooks

RossK said...


Stephen Rees completely dismantles the latest fare evasion conflaburation....