Friday, October 26, 2012

Free Enterprisers Head To Whistler...But Will They Talk Northern Gateway?



Update, Lunchtime: Well, it's official...Keith Baldrey has dubbed today 'Free Enterprise Friday'...Carry on....And nevermind that Curmudgeon under the bed...

Was interesting to see the front-end puff-pieces start flying on the Eve of the BC Liberal Party's Destructio.....errrrr...'Convention' this weekend up in Whistler.

Puff-pieces like this, unbylined from the CP, in The Province:

...(T)here’s a quiet confidence rising from the (BC Liberal) party ranks as next May’s provincial election approaches.

Kootenay East MLA Bill Bennett, co-chairman of the Liberals’ campaign platform committee, said Thursday there’s a growing sense that British Columbians are starting to tune in to Premier Christy Clark’s jobs and families message.

Clark will address convention delegates on Saturday afternoon.

Bennett acknowledged that the Opposition New Democrats are ahead in the public opinion polls, but said voters are recognizing that B.C. is actually doing well while other jurisdictions are experiencing steep economic declines.

“We’ve had a pretty good two months here,” said Bennett. “The B.C. Conservatives are imploding, lot’s of people predicted that, so that’s helpful...


There's that meme again.

The BC Conservatives are doomed/dumpkopf/destroyed.

And yet, the Curmudgeon at the top, the guy who says there will be a LibCon fusion over his dead body, is still out there....


And, perhaps most importantly, he is still drawing lines in the laissez-fairy-dusted 'Free Enterprise' sand.

Lines like this:

October 23, 2012 -Vancouver- John Cummins, leader of the BC Conservatives, today reiterated his support for the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline Project, saying that the economic benefits far outweigh environmental concerns.

“Given all of the information made public to date, I strongly believe that the Northern Gateway Pipeline should proceed as quickly as possible,” said Cummins, speaking today at a luncheon in downtown Vancouver.

“British Columbia desperately needs new capital investment, and new high-wage jobs,” Cummins added. “The Northern Gateway Project delivers both.”...


We can only wonder how stuff like that goes over with the Socred/Free Enterprise wing of Ms. Clark's tattered coalition.

What's that you say?

There is no Socred/FE wing left because they are all trying to figure out how to bring down The Curmudgeon and then mount a second coup against The Snook before she makes a final lurch towards the center line on Highway 99 and goes all in with the FedLibs for reals?

Come on the rest of you are saying

That's nothing but crazy talk.

Because everybody who is on their way to Whistler this morning is happy as a clam, right?

And absolutely no one is humming that old PF Sloan/Barry McGuire song.

Or Bigger E's and my newer one.

Newer song I mean....

Many thanks to Grant G for bringing Mr. Cummins' Northern Gateway continuing scorched mountain pass policy position to our attention....
Of course our song, thanks to the prodding of Mr. Beer 'N Hockey, is actually straight out of Phil Ochs....


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