Friday, November 14, 2014

If You Can't Vote For Vision Vancouver...Who Should You Vote For?


I must confess that....

I've come to the conclusion that reducing the VV dominance on Council, School Board and Parks Board would likely lead to more open debate and public consultation.

Which really does matter.

And as a neighbour of mine, who used be a big wheel COPE Classicist, warned me way back in the heady 'big tent' days of 2008, 'When the Developers pay....The Pols will (always) let them play'.

Clearly my neighbour was right.


What to do if you have a progressive bone in your body and you want to place your vote with a group other than Vision (even if it is only for non-slate member or three)?

Well, Kaity Cooper has a great post up at Rabble on who and which party has the best stand on a range of progressive issues.

And if you click through on Ms. Cooper's post you will notice that the NPA is nowhere to be found on Affordable Housing, Poverty Reduction, Women's Issues, or Child Care.

Furthermore, please realize that no matter how reasoned and reasonable the good Mr. Kirk Lapointe appears (and I actually think he is in many ways), it is not he who is in control of the party who brought  us No Funcouver and Spam-A-Lot.

And, perhaps more to the point, as all Railgate Cultists know, in large measure it is the good Mr. Armstrong who is running the wurlitzer behind the NPA's curtain.

And, perhaps more disturbing, particularly from a Cultist-In-Lawish point of view, there is the matter that, when he needed a fixer to roll in that wurlitzer Mr. Armstrong brought in an old reliable from the Knotty Gordian days, Mr. Kelly Reichert, to do the job.

At least that's the story according to the VSun's Jeff Lee.

And, lest you think that none of that behind the curtain stuff really matters because, if he wanted to,  Pointy could go rogue if elected?


Never, ever forget what the NPA did to Philip Owen when Nettie Wild helped him learn that junkies and the sick are people too.


And as for the Greens and Ms. Carr...

Well, I'm with FABula on this one (see point #6) in that too often Ms. Carr just appears to 'Say Anything'. And we all know where that business ultimately leads.  I'm also concerned about the fact that it looks like Ms. Carr wants to play Kingmaker in the most expedient way if the Council seats are even halfway split according to the Courier's Mike Howell.


Aren't you glad Smilin' Sammy and the Spamaloteers took all that money to destroy the wards initiative back in ancient (i.e. pre-Twittmachine) times?


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