Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tide Was High And We're Movin' On.


Friday was the last day of classes for the term at the place out on the far western edge of Lotusland where I work.

And my two kids came to the final session of the gigantic pre-professional course I teach each fall.

We did a bit of song and dance show, pretty much the same one we've been doing since Bigger E. was four years old and littler e. was a baby.

It was great fun and the kids in the class really enjoyed it, I think.

But I realized something as we were finishing up and giving out the last of the candy canes.

Which is that my oldest kid is no longer a kid.

Which means I should probably release her from all this now.

On the plus side....

A young woman who trained with me awhile back is now doing the same thing with her little guy in the classes she teaches these days.


No matter how busy I get, and this fall was a real doozy on that scale, I always try to take one morning each weekend off to take the Whackadoodle to the beach.

Yesterday we got up early and headed out to the spit that runs parallel from the poop ponds at Iona Point between the end of the big river and the ocean.

The weather was unbelievably beautiful with all kinds of birds about including cormorants, herons, eagles, a kingfisher and even a swooping, screeching owl.

And the tide?

Well it was so high that it seemed like one big surge wave could wash the whole thing away.

But it didn't.


Politics and Advent Jukebox will start-up again tomorrow.


Relief from header ear worm can be accessed.....Here.



Kim said...

I wonder what Blondie is doing now?

Good to see you in print again.

Eleanor Gregory said...

Life is short and then you die.

Enjoy each day.

P.S. My piggle (cross between a pig and a poodle) walks quickly these days (even though he is 16). Wants to get in from the cold I guess.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it.

Guy in Victoria

RossK said...


Think Ms. Harry might be doing some acting.



I am almost certain that whackadoodles and piggles are, at the very least, semi-immortal.


Thanks Guy.