Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Regional #VanElxn Breakdowns That Only A 120 Surrender Monkey Army Could See Saturday Night.


Number cruncher/WikiScraper Chad Skelton of the VSun has them at his pro-blog.

Upshot(s)... Same diagonal divide Northwest to Southeast...Pointy held the usual strongholds with essentially the same aggregates as Ms. Always Campaigning from 2011...Gregor lost West Point Grey and a lot of support in Kits (including getting stomped there in the advances) as well as Cambie and even a good chunk of the Near-Eastern Townships...So...Where'd all that VV support go (from people like me and you)?....My take is that we, the people who went all the way into the big tent in 2008 and 2011, made the calculation and decided to stick one foot back out this time...And we were choosey (i.e. we didn't choose all COPE or all JIFF or all VisionLiteGuy or all Greeniac)...I mean just think what the School Board slate would look like today if we, the pissed-off and paying-attention, hadn't given the pragmatically progressive independents Jane Bouey and Gwen Giesbrecht more than 30,000 votes each)...


What am I really saying here after staring hard at Mr. Skelton's work for awhile?


Choosey Mothers (and Dads, and maybe a few kids and a bunch of old, hard lefties) whacked the Vision wizards upside the head and told them to smarten up.

And we did it without giving the farm back to the waterheads entirely.

Pretty sharp thinking from a good chunk of the Lotuslandian electorate I reckon.

Of course, with our at-large craptacular-shooting starchamber system there is also the 'Alphabet Effect' to consider, which was not trivial once again this time around...Specifically, surnames starting with the first thirteen letters of the alphabet went 8 for 10 on Council, 5 for 7 on Parks Board, and 5 for 9 on School Board...Heckfire!...Given all that, does the 'AE' mean that Sophie Woo was actually more like 15K better than Ken Denike (rather than the announced 3.5K)?....Ha!



Grant G said...

Rethuglians, yea

e.a.f. said...

the analysis may just be right some others have been all over the map and dealt with all sorts of issues as to why and why not, but the people who voted were the people who pay attention to the city. some may have not been happy with vision, but you don't cut off your nose to spite your face. good choice many made.

Vision now has 4 yrs to work itself back into voters' good graces or ruin itself for life. the NPA can go back to sleep or act like a real party but they will most likely go back to sleep and to UBC endowment lands.

Anonymous said...

Good choice Vancouver,one less completely corporate government.

Surrey has gone corporate again and Dianne Watts is going to work for her master who I also believe controls the Surrey First slate. People here vote for a slate no matter how bad it has been and another 4 years of it this time. This slate has taxpayers in Surrey into a debt that is not repayable and just will keep on keeping on with old Hepner whose part-time job has carried on for 25 years and has made her and her gang very rich and the taxpayers very poor.

North Van's Grumps said...

RossK could you give us a few bars of UkeFolkFunkFustionFest?

RossK said...

Comin' right up NVG....