Monday, November 03, 2014

This Day In Snookland...How Quick Will This Win Be?


There was a little item about a protest to ESL cuts in the not-soGiant '98 yesterday.

The cuts are coming as a result of the Feds off-loading this to the province. The Snooklandian's stepped in with a one time stop-gap, but now the money's all gone and community college programs are being cut. 


While there is very little about this in the English language media there appears to be all kinds of stuff in  those other pretty important languages around here.

Will be interesting to see the response.

The comment response to the little NW piece is astounding....Gosh...So many people are mean-spirited and just downright mean...



Anonymous said...

500 K dollars from Chevron to the rescue.!Nevermind low BC resource royalty rates or 1 billion(1000 million dollars) plus tax breaks to promote hydrocarbon development,in general, while pushing carbon tax,LNG exports, to public and increasing speed limits.

e.a.f. said...

Another version of contracting out by the feds. harper and his herd decided to "spend" the money with "community organizations" instead of sending the money to the provincial government.

That means prior to a federal election, the cons can send the money to any ethnic organization, in the name of language training funds. That organization then gets to spend it. nice way to reward their friends with new "teaching" jobs, new admin jobs. Oh, will the Cons never cease to come up with new ideas to "spread" the wealth. The instructors, who will all tell the class, the course is compliments of their organizations with funding provided by the Federal Conservative Party of Canada. How to grease the skids prior to an election.

This isn't about English language training, this is about putting money out into the public arena to be used to the Cons best advantage. Whether people actually get any decent language training doesn't matter, as long as the Cons get the ethnic vote.

There is also the issue of teachers. Currently those teaching English are real teachers. When the money goes to ethnic/"community" organizations, who knows if or how qualified the instructors are. Nice going Cons. Expect to see a lot more of this.

Snookie and the snookers won't care. Foreign companies will simply want workers to speak whatever language is the language of the corporation.

This change will however, seriously impact new immigrants and those who want to improve their English. They have no guarantee they will be even be taught by qualified, neutral instructors.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Harper and Jason Kenny bringing over foreigners, that are not certified nor ticketed. They are dangerous as hell to work with. However, they work cheap for the oil and gas barons to exploit.

Ditzy Christy doesn't need to be concerned for the language? Communist China owns BC and now Ontario as well.

We are the minority and will have to learn Mandarin.

scotty on denman said...

You're too generous when you call racist commenters (like those on the NW piece) "mean-spirited"; "just downright mean..." is more like it---better describes an otherwise soulless vocation.

I've been wondering where to take Kakwalla courses. It's one of the two First Nations languages spoken aboriginally outside the euro- immigrant settlements around these parts (North Salish Sea). Fat chance we'll ever get funding for KSL when we can't even get it for ESL.

Jeez, I wonder where all the money went.