Monday, November 03, 2014

The Bellringer Report Revisited...There's No Spin Like Dean Spin.


In case you missed it, on the weekend Norm Farrell took the VSun's Vaughn Palmer to task on the latter's 'analysis' of the new Auditor General's first report:

...Curious the columnist would state the letter was signed by (temporary AG) Russ Jones, even though it is not. That could be Palmer's mistake or that of a helpful spin doctor aiming to shelter the former acting AG who months ago chose not to report on the unrecorded royalty issue. Palmer makes no mention of the fact that the $1.25 billion in outstanding credits is not recorded in the province's books and, if it were, the Liberal deficit record would be quite different.

Also interesting that Palmer has the NDP share responsibility for current financial incentives to the oil and gas industry, although the opposition party was last elected 18½ years ago and, over time, Liberals broadened the subsidy program so that today, almost all exploration work earns credits. In fact, a source told me that the acceleration of the producer credit program was government's response to industry concerns they had paid too much for drilling rights when the gas market was stronger....


Curious that Mr. Palmer didn't blame Dave Barrett for something too. After all, he must have done something in 1973 that was directly relevant to Ms. Bellringer's report.


Norm, who is really on fire these days, has another good numbers-based post up today on why, perhaps, fossil fuel extraction will soon be a real loser's game.....In more ways than Dean-assisted downgrading of Sparkle Ponies.



Anonymous said...

It's amazing how these so-called journalists will include the opposition in stories that may make the Liberals look bad.

I'm wondering if old Palmer would include a reference to Gordon Campbell when he writes about drinking drivers ?

Guy in Victoria

North Van's Grumps said...

There's another angle on VP's sloppiness. Eight or Nine years ago HIS in-house researcher retired and POSTMedia??? hired someone who was less expensive, less knowledgeable on the political scene.

Anonymous said...