Saturday, November 01, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Neverending Obfuscation Of 'Clean' LNG.



All this business about clean LNG is total shite.


Because anybody who has been paying attention knows that you can't pretend the downstream 'clean' plants are all there is to it when all those upstream emissions generated in the production process would make the entire operation run at a level on par with that generated by the venerated Albertalands Sludge Sands.

But we've been through all that before. 

The thing is, the Snooklandians are now trying to move the legislative goalposts because they know it is not we, the local rubes, they have to convince down the road.

Instead, it is all those international buyers they have to bamboozle with their cleanshite.

Because, when you've got actual science and scientists at the top of the peer review ladder telling the world that LNG will NOT save the world from uber-dirty coal, you've gotta do something.

Meanwhile, back in Rube-Ville, the GStraight's Travis Lupick is keeping track of how we, the locals are being missled:

...The (Snooklandian) Ministry of Environment refused to answer questions for this story, as it has every time this reporter has requested an interview on LNG.

Speaking in favour of Bill 2 in the legislature on October 27, one B.C. Liberal MLA argued “the science is not yet settled” on climate change.

“I'm not naturally inclined to believe in the science of global warming,” said Laurie Throness, (Snooklandian) MLA for Chilliwack-Hope. “The steps we should take should be careful steps, steps that won't prove to have been wasting time and energy and money if it so happens that climate change turns out not to be global, not to be long term, not to be changeable.”...



Isn't that the place where certain pillars of Mr. Throness' community (i.e. The Superstitionists) were recently telling us how science and evidence-based medicine and all that has no role to play in keeping kids from coming down with the measles, et cetera?


How is that kind of wrong-headed fanatically superstitious thinking (a thinking that much of the proMedia reports straight-up, by the way) working out for everyone here, there and everywhere?


How's it working out?



sd said...

Yeah I remember this guy Throness. He's the one who shut his office because some parents and kids wanted to talk to him during the teachers strike. The fear of violence was the reason given. The air out there is already so bad this guy can't think straight.

Anonymous said...

Dont you mean bovine scatology ,not shite

Remember BC Liberals,
its before the courts so i cannot comment at this time.

Hugh said...

Farther downstream are the CO2-emitting ships transporting the LNG 7,000 km across the Pacific Ocean, to the final destinations, ie China, Korea, where the LNG is burned, releasing more CO2.

Lew said...

Throness is not naturally inclined to believe in science; period. Which makes him a perfect fit for the voters in Chilliwack, who repeatedly inflicted John Les on us.

He’s also the cretin that actually attempted to have the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts congratulate the government for the illegal Basi/Virk payoff.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...